April 4, 2010

22 Weeks 5 Days

Well, my lovely little boy, we are at 5 1/2 months! We are heading down the weeks getting closer and closer to your arrival! I must say that it IS getting quite exciting to think about your arrival. Especially when I see babies or picture of cute little babies!

You are still as yet, nameless as your daddy and I are still trying to figure out the perfect name. And contrary to what your PAPA thinks, "Buckie" is just not going to work for me. Sorry. LOL!

I'm getting into the home stretch of finishing my semester's classes and then I will be taking a break until NEXT Spring, as the Fall semester starts 1 1/2 weeks after your estimated due date. That's just not going to work for mommy! LOL! But that's okay as the break will give us time to get some really nice mommy, baby and brother bonding!

Speaking of brothers, your big brother Seth has been asking me if you will know he's your brother. I tell him that you will...for it's true. Within just a few days, you will recognise him as belonging to you. So I tell him to keep on talking to you in my tummy so you will know his voice. He LOVES giving you zerberts (aka raspberries) and worries about my belly button...LOL!

Here is our pic for this week:

You are growing quite nicely and mommy LOVES feeling you kick and stretch and move! It's just the thing to make her smile, so keep on doing it, luv!

On the 14th we are having a special 4D ultrasound for the doctor to check out your facial bones and I'm pretty excited. You can see soooo much from those pics and I'm dying to see if you have hair or not. Your brother was bald as a cue ball...he was adorable, but bald. I would love it if you had hair! LOL!

Well, I need to go now...

Remember that your mommy loves you and prays for you every day!

Always and forever,

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Dusty said...

You are looking so great Lisa! Any names picked out? Or have I missed that post? lol