April 11, 2010

23 weeks 5 days

Good morning, baby luv!

It's hard to believe but you and I will hit 6 months on Tuesday. I finally feel like we are starting to come into the home stretch! There is still a lot to do before your arrival, but I think it's really going to start speeding up once school is over. I am eager to hold you in my arms, but please stay nice and safe in my tummy until we hit at least 38 weeks...but please don't get TOO comfortable, as I'd like you out by the time we hit 40, okay? Can you do that for mommy?

You are still nameless. But we are looking in baby name books now and trying out different things. The way we see it, as long as we have a name for you by the time you arrive, we will be fine! LOL!
This week is our very cool ultrasound. Mommy's doctor does a 4D ultrasound to check out bones and facial structure. I am itching to get a better idea about what you look like--but mostly to see if you have any HAIR! LOL! Your brother was bald and I'm dying to know if you will be too! I don't know what we'd think if you came out with a full head of hair! It would definitely be a change! But bald babies are so adorable too! ;)

I love feeling your movements. You wiggle and kick much more often now, but I'm sure that's because you are about 12" now. That's awfully long to be confined into a small space!

I'm getting eager to go visit your mum-mum and papa as well as your grammy and grandpa. Only about 3 more weeks, I think! That's really not that far away! Of course that also means mommy has to finish school with a bunch of finals, but that is just the way things go! At least I know I'll be on a plane just a few days after I take those tests! Your brother is itching to get on an airplane again. He's a good flyer and enjoys looking out the window at everything. You will fly too someday. Probably next summer.

Well, mommy needs to go do some things so she can get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather! I must say you sure have a gorgeous place to live once you arrive! There isn't anything much more beautiful than Kentucky in the Spring and Summer!

All my love to you dear little boy!

I love you always and forever!

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