April 25, 2010

25 weeks 5 days

Evening, my baby love!

Mommy hasn't had anything too exciting going on this week. But she is excited because it's her last week of school with just finals to get through. Then NO MORE HOMEWORK! Woot! Woot!

I'm going to be very busy this week as not only do I have the finals, but I kind of have to study for them too...and then I have an appointment with a nutritionist about setting up my new diet and have my chiropractor appointment on Friday and not only this, but I also have to get ready for our trip back to visit my family back in WA! I'm very excited about heading out on vacation!!

As for the diet thing...my doctor told me that even though I passed the 3 hour fasting glucose test, I didn't pass it with more then 2 numbers...so my doctor wants me to go onto the gestational diabetes diet just to make sure that we are okay in the long run. It's really not going to be that bad as unlike some mommy's YOUR mommy isn't a chocolate or sugar addict. So cutting that down won't be very hard. Your mommy already loves fruits, vegetables and whole grains...she is just going to have to eat more of them!

You are moving all the time, so I know that you are doing great in there...sorry there isn't much room, but it's going to get much worse, little Justin! LOL! You are all elbows and knees right now and I'm getting quite lumpy at times when I look down! Your brother is still worried about mommy's belly button, but I told him it will be okay.

Well my dear, I need to go open some more windows to let in this freshly washed air smell into the house!

I love you now and forever!

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rc45 said...

Thank you for this latest update. I really do enjoy your style of writing and the way you talk to little Justin.