September 6, 2011

MFW-K Highlights: Week #2- Mm Moon

Today we are started our 3rd unit for My Father's let's take a look back at last week with Unit #2 Mm-Moon.

This week went pretty well! I saw great improvement in the handwriting of the M and m from the first day to the last day which was wonderful! We talked about the moon and it's roll in reflecting the sunlight adding the word "reflect" to our vocabulary box. It was a great way to explain the roll we have in reflecting God and Christ to the world. We went into the bathroom on the first day and turned out all the lights...then I turned on the flashlight aiming it at the mirror and onto him. It was easy for him to understand the concept of reflection.

We took a trip to the library and checked out the World Book Encyclopedia about the moon and they had a great explanation w/pictures about why we see different parts of the moon. Little Britches then went ahead and made his moon phases cards with black cardstock and a white crayon. He knows the different phases by name and can tell them to me--even pointing out the crescent moon in the sky the other night! No more calling it the "fingernail moon"! LOL!

Each week for our scripture memorization, I choose a scripture which starts with our letter of the week. This week's letter was "M" and there are a lot of fabulous scriptures that start with that letter--but I  decided to go with Psalm 25:4. I saw a simple puzzle order activity for scriptures on 2 Teaching Mommies and decided to make my own for any scriptures that she doesn't already have made. I had him put it together once we had finished 2 days of practicing.
He did a great job! He can't read yet, but he knew which letter should start the puzzle and then recognized some of the letters and sight words to be able to put it together correctly. Feel free to download it (click the picture) for your own use. I will be doing these every week for our scriptures, so I will offer them as they are ready--but make sure you visit 2 Teaching Mommies blog because she has quite a few of them ready to go with other awesome and amazing memorization helps and I won't be making any Amber already has done!

We read a portion from Little Bear about going to the moon.
Little Britches drew a picture of Little Bear and the tree he jumped out of. He also used his Legos to create a rocket ship to go to the moon. We had many discussions about the moon...from the color, to the dirt, to the craters...great questions!

To really help sink in what the moon was like, I went to and found an original video from the first moon landing. He was FASCINATED!!! And then we watched a few more about gravity in space so he could see what it was like. That really made it real for him to see.

Sad to say we didn't take any pictures this week...but I promise to remember to next week!

I'm excited about the Ll-Leaf unit since we are surrounded by all sorts of trees and they are starting to shed their leaves!


Monica said...

Your boys are adorable! Little Bear was one of our favorites too. Have you seen the MFW - K worksheets on Mama Jenn's blog?
Thanks for linking up. Kattie at will be hosting this week's link-up!

Kattie said...

Sounds like you guys had a great week, we like Little Bear too! Thanks for linking up and sharing :0)

Ashley said...

Loved the song "Only Time"...enjoyed your site! I like several others on your list as well!

Candra Georgi said...

great to find you on the mfw blogroll. thanks for the idea about the youtube, we're on M this week