May 8, 2013

Iris + Rain = Science Lesson

Last year I bought some Iris Hexagona bulbs for my flower bed. They came up with their leaves, but never flowered last I've been waiting to see their beauty. 
Needless to say I was very happy to see this on Friday...
I love the anticipation, don't you?? I didn't have to wait too long...because after a nice rain and sun combo this weekend, here are my beauties!! 
 After the rain today, I decided to get some close-ups of the flowers and was fascinated by what I found...
beautiful rain drops caught on the petals...So beautiful!

And here is another shot--see the puddle in the middle?? 

So this evening, I had Little Britches help me check out my flowers...he was fascinated with this one! He told me--"Mama! This petal looks like the water slides we did! It goes down into a pool just like the ones we went on!"
 Brilliant description, don't you think?? So we discussed why it might be shaped like that...and then we examined the leaves and noted how they were curled up and hypothesized that they must funnel water down to the roots. And so, with a big "I've got an idea!!" Little Britches ran and got my watering can and proceeded to pour water on the flowers observing how it ran off the "waterslide" petals and down into the funneled leaves and then to the ground and roots...
...thus proving our hypothesis and making me happy for yet another easy science lesson from God's glorious world.


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