May 9, 2013

Tot School for Wednesday May 8th

So today I had the time and we did intentional tot school yesterday. I was able to get this in during the time Little Britches was over with my mother-in-law doing art.

I discovered some alphabet beads and cord hiding in the bottom of a box...and knew he'd love them. He did! 
 He tried stringing but got frustrated so he decided to just say the letter then hand it to me to string for him. We will try the stringing again another day. 

The next thing we worked on was cutting. He loves using his brother's I gave him a piece of paper and let him go to town...he is still cutting two handed. Which means he needs me to hold his paper up for him. And if I set it down he'd yell "Up!"
 He was so funny. Once he made snips all the way around, he started trying to cut off the pieces. If he did cut one off, he'd grin really big.

After cutting, we moved to painting. I wanted him to make his 4 Mother's Day cards. We decided to make handprint flowers with fingerprint bees. He chose each color specific for each card--and oh how he LOVED painting up his hand! And then getting to use the paintbrush was quite fun for him!
Here they can see when I turned my back on the red one, he added some extra handprints! Haha!

What they look like after I add the final touches...cute, huh?

Once we were done with that, I let him do some free painting. I let him choose the colors he wanted and put some of each onto a paper plate like a palatte...then after I taped two pieces of paper together, I let him go to town!

One last thing we did--that I didn't take a photo of--was I gave him another piece of paper and a big fat pencil. I thought he'd draw. But no--he said "Help! A-B-D!" He wanted me to help him write his letters. So I held his hand and he told me what letters he wanted to write and we wrote them. I even told him to tell me "big" or "little" and he was very good about specifying AND identifying them regardless of whether it was upper or lowercase. I think that's very cool--it's something my Little Britches had a few issues on last year in Kindergarten for a little while. 

It was so nice to actually have the time for INTENTIONAL tot school...not just sneaking in random things in a busy day. I will try to do this more often because it's clear he enjoyed it a lot.  I truly think he's going to be one who rocks a pre-school program and is going to be an early reader. So he may start slow in the speech area...but I think he'll be early in most everything else!
Baby Britches (33 months)


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