January 5, 2014

the Homeschool Mother's Journal Post for 1/5

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• In my life this week…
Let’s see. I’m on a normal schedule without anything extra worked in this week…well, except for maybe all the CRAZY winter weather we are going to get. Um, yeah. High of 7…SEVEN degrees tomorrow with a low of -12. After the last few summers being so mild, this weather is a doozy! Brrrrrrrrr…But I have no plans that require going outside, so I’m good! LOL! And I’m thankful that I don’t live in Antarctica. Or maybe even like New York during the time of the book Farmer Boy in the 1800’s when it was a high of -30. Um. No.

I am also excited to get started with our first “real” review for the The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew! We are putting in our preferences now and we will be getting our first assignment soon! I look forward to seeing which of the great vendors I will get to experience and share with all of you!

• In our homeschool this week…
We are doing three digit numbers with and without regrouping (carrying) which is exciting. We are also diving back into America History with our movement towards Daniel Boone! I love this because Daniel Boone was a big part of our state (Kentucky) history—we have Fort Boonesborough nearby and we recently visited it. We have some more states to learn as we walk westward…we both are enjoying that and he’s retaining a LOT of what he is learning. Cursive is almost done and we will be moving into our next handwriting book before too long. We will be learning how to write Postcards this week as we continue our work with adjectives and adverbs. We will be making a soda bottle feeder and stringing some popcorn and berries for the winter birds.

• Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
I am hoping that soon we will be taking a trip down to South Carolina to visit my aunt and her family. She’s in various stages of treatment for cancer and she will have a break that will allow us to come and visit.

• My favorite thing this week was…
Playing in the snow! We had about 3” on Friday and had a fun snow day!

• My kiddos favorite thing this week was…
Definitely the same as mine! Snow!!

• Things I’m working on…
Continuing my focus on my word of the year—FAITHFUL. So far so good. I’ve done pretty well finishing what I start in these first few days of the new year. I know I’m still getting started, but I WANT this…I feel like I can do it and if I do get the habit of being faithful under my belt I will have accomplished so much!

• I’m cooking…
Hmmm. Let’s see. It’s definitely soup and chili weather so I absolutely have those two things in my sights this week! I am also going to do up some bread. I wish I had some sourdough starter because I have a thing for sourdough bread. It’s the carb love of my life. LOL!

• I’m grateful for…
Warmth. Family. And usually mild winters....and homemade hot cocoa for the cold ones!
• I’m praying for…
Friends who have health problems. My “aunt-in-love” who just had major angioplasty surgery. And as always a blessing for our family this year in the form of a baby. We have been trying for 3 years as of this month…but we know that God is always in control and He knows what we need, as well as what we want so we just keep praying and then just pouring our love out over the family we have. To enjoy the gifts we are already blessed with.

• A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…
Baby Britches is in love with our new citrus juicer and always wants to "Do self! No mommy help!" Thankfully there aren't any sharp parts or complicated pieces and he CAN do it without much help.



  1. thanks for sharing your week, Lisa. We had snow here and loved it too!

    May God bless your faithfulness....and your desire for a baby.

    And, I LOVE your faithfulness painting!

    :)Melanie (Wren)

  2. Hi there
    I have just started following your blog and love this post.
    We are in New Zealand and what is supposed to be summer (its pouring with rain and blowing a gale) but we cant complain we left NZ forwinter this year to have summer in Asia then the US.
    Keep warm and snugly.
    I look forward to the next post.

    1. Welcome Vicki! I have a cousin (of sorts) who is a Kiwi too and it's funny to hear her talking about the heat and preparing for summer break!


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