January 12, 2014

The Homeschool Mother's Journal Post for 1/12

homeschool mother's journal post
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• In my life this week…
I have several cards I need to mail, some organizing to do, some seeds to go through and catalog (so I don’t rebuy them this spring), some planning of our food for our road trip on Thursday and hopefully making choir rehearsal tapes for my Women’s Choir at church. Oh and I’ll be receiving my material for my first two reviews for Schoolhouse Review crew! So eager to get started!

• In our homeschool this week…
We’ve got an abbreviated week. We will only be doing “scheduled” school Monday-Wednesday. Thursday will be a road trip down to South Carolina and Friday will hopefully be a field trip to somewhere down there which I will turn into an educational experience! LOL!

• Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
As I hinted, we are taking a road trip this week. We’ve been trying to work out a date to visit my aunt down in South Carolina for the past 2 years! But it’s just not worked out, mostly due to her treatment for her cancer. But we FINALLY pinned down a trip for this 3rd weekend of January. She hasn’t seen us since Baby Britches was still a baby—before he was walking. So she is eager to see us.

• My favorite thing this week was…
Celebrating a 100% score on a math assignment

• My kiddos favorite thing this week was…
Science. Yes, I actually was able to work on two science experiments this week and we had quite a lot of fun!

• Things I’m working on…
Catching up on printing out digital photos. I am the WORST about that. But I just placed a 100+ print order on Snapfish and look forward to getting it later this week. Then I have picture frames to start filling!

• I’m cooking…
Hmm. I have a few casseroles to try out. And I need to make some treats for us to take with us on our road trip.

• I’m grateful for…
Clean Water. My friend lives just one state over in West Virginia in one of the counties affected by the horrible contamination disaster going on right now. She has to haul her three kids to her husband’s navy base just to take showers. And she has large fish tanks and pets so she’s having a horrible time juggling getting enough water.

• I’m praying for…
All the people affected by the water contamination in WV but especially my friends who live in the area dealing with this. It’s scary indeed and you don’t realize until you don’t have it how much we take clean water for granted.

• A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…
homeschool mothers journal post
These silly boys will happily drink smoothies FULL of greens...as long as they get to put it in themselves. They like watching the vortex suck it in and ALWAYS declare them to be the BEST smoothies we've made so far. LOL!



  1. I love how you've broken down your week for us. Very encouraging:) I didn't even know there was an issue with water in WV. I'm in Oregon...I guess I need to watch the national news more. Praying for them!

    1. yes it's a pretty big issue there. But things are looking up!

  2. Love pic of the boys and their smoothies. I hope you have a wonderful trip!


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