August 29, 2014

Random 5 on Friday~ August 29th

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1. We are planning on starting school on Monday or Tuesday. New year. New curriculum. And this year we're diving into the world of curriculum pieced together and not put together with a schedule for us. Scary, but exciting. More exciting. I like that I won't have any "time" limits. We can explore as we go and head off onto rabbit trails if desired. I am excited to think of all the learning that's going to be happening this year.

2. Baby Britches will be doing pre-school and Kindergarten work. Actually I think he's more "classified" as a K4--a 4 year old kindergartner. Why? Well we evaluated his knowledge and he's so far beyond where Little Britches was entering Kindergarten at age FIVE...he's on the brink of that first step to reading. He knows his alphabet lower and upper case. He can tell me the dominant sound each letter makes. So now it's time to start putting them together to make words. 

Even my brother-in-laws girlfriend evaluated him as being ready. She's the special Ed teacher for the K-3 at the local school. She lets Baby Britches explore her learning apps on her school notebook. She says there is no way he'd be able to flourish in preschool at a public school because he's so advance. And she said he knows more at just turning 4 then a lot of the kindergartners do in the middle of their year. So she encouraged me to go for it and start full fledged phonics and learning to read this year. She thinks he's totally ready for it.

I will share the curriculum I've put together for him in a post scheduled for next week.

3. i'm purging. In order to get the classroom ready for next week, Love-Of-My-Life and I are doing a complete overhaul of our classroom space. Taking out both big office desks and replacing them with a small desk and three double-door cabinets with shelving and crates. We will be taking my husband's John Deere collectibles off the walls and moving those shelves into the boys room where they will be greatly appreciated. 

So what am I purging? Well my huge desk was a craft space for me. I was a card designer for a card making magazine and so I owned at least a thousand if not more dollars worth of crating supplies. paper, embellishments, inks, stamps stamps stamps and more paper and ribbon and...the list continues. So I had to purge it now that I'm not working in that capacity any longer. And you know what?

It feels good. There is something about finally being at a stage in your life where you can throw away without keeping a cash register total in your head about your "financial loss". I know I'm throwing/giving away hundreds of dollars of stuff...but I'm finally okay with that.

4. As we were doing our clean out, we sorted our CD tower and threw out all the old stuff and then pulled all the CD's that are filled with photos. We will put them on a flashdrive to have them all together. In the mix we stumbled across a DVD of the day we started preparing our property for our new house. We hadn't watched it in ages...and never with the boys. So we all stopped working and gathered around to watch the little video. The boys couldn't hardly believe that is what it looked like before our home was here. Neither could we really. It makes you appreciate all you've done to make it what it is...10 years brought a lot of changes and it's nice to remember all the work you've put into it to make it your home.

5. I am not in the mood to fix dinner. I feel like my house is just full of chaos (it kind of is) and the last thing I want to do is fix a good dinner. But Friday nights are always our special dinner nights in preparation for the Sabbath. So I have a whole chicken thawing which I will bake with some potatoes and corn on the cob. I haven't made biscuits in maybe I will make those. Then I need to finish the strawberry watermelon sorbet I am making...saving some to turn into daiquiris for Love-Of-My-Life and I tonight.

And a photo for you before I go...

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