April 7, 2015

5 Common Myths About Homeschooling: Myth #2~ No Second Thoughts

"Oh. I could NEVER make the commitment! I'd be questioning myself all the time!" If you are a homeschooler or have a homeschooling background, I'm sure that you have heard this many times. It usually comes after discussions on not having enough patience to homeschool. The idea that the decision to homeschool is a 100% absolute, public school bridges burning, never looking back, in for the long 12 year haul decision that we happily take on without any regrets or hesitation. Um, since WHEN does a life altering decision ever bring that???

5 Common Myths About Homeschooling: #2 No Second Thoughts

Can I be real for a moment?
This might come as a shocker, so be ready.

I question my decision to homeschool. A LOT.

You see, contrary to what MOST people think (ie. my husband's family), I am NOT the one who desired to homeschool our children. No. I was in college starting my junior year for finishing my education degree. I was planning on teaching middle school history. But suddenly, everything changed. No longer were we going to be getting our 5 year old ready for his first day of Kindergarten at the big school. Instead, we were getting our own home ready for kicking off our homeschooling adventure. 

It freaked me out.

Yes I know what we wanted to do. I know why we wanted to do it. But the burden of responsibility I felt, threatened to choke me at times. Did I really know what I was going to be getting myself into? Could I really take on this new adventure that was more important than anything else we'd ever done before? Was I ready to do it...for 12 years PER child?

No...and yes.

See that's how this homeschooling thing works. It's a balance of days where you are passionately confident about what you are doing. And then there is the day when you stare longingly at the big yellow bus as it drives past your house...wondering if you can flag them down and let them go...just for a day. LOL.

But know what? Those days usually come when things aren't going so hot. When attitudes are less than stellar. And that patience we spoke about yesterday...yeah that patience is pretty much gone. Those are the days when mom's question themselves...A LOT.

But fortunately, those days don't come every day. 

There are other things that make homeschool parents question their decisions...

Sometimes the idea of teaching middle school or high school level things freaks us out. Even if our child is only in Kindergarten. Looking down the road and thinking about things like filling out transcripts and arranging for ACT's and what to do about a diploma. That makes us have second thoughts too...because what we if we screw it up and our child can't get into Harvard because of his mom's poor skills at putting together a transcript??!

Sometimes life comes and homeschooling has to take a back burner. And we wonder if doing that is going to screw everything up. If not having a structure for our child is going to give them a sub par education. If taking a break off school for a few weeks/months is going to be detrimental in the long run.

Sometimes all it takes is talking to other homeschooling families to do it. Yes, for you see when you realize that your child isn't fluent in Russian, planning a mission trip, organizing a charity function, writing his own play, playing league soccer, or participating in a national science fair...well that causes us to doubt ourselves too. Maybe we aren't providing a good enough education for our child...

Sometimes it's talking to other moms that does it. When they start rattling off all the school functions their child is a part of. The sports, the clubs, academics..they excitedly talk about all the close friends their children have that they are so lucky to see each day. The excellent music program. And we wonder if maybe we ARE denying our children something vital...hmmm.

I don't think there are many homeschooling moms out there who can honestly say they NEVER ever...not even ONCE wondered if they were going to be able to do it for the long haul. Sure it might have only crossed their mind once--but it still crossed their mind. And it's because we recognize the big major decision this is. We KNOW we are walking on a path that is not as chosen. We know we won't have the support from most because we are choosing to do something different. So we have to accept that we will have good days and bad days. 

BUT the days of questioning are really few and far between. Because when it comes down to it, your list of pros for homeschooling far exceed the cons. Because you know that your decision wasn't made lightly or carelessly. Because you know that if you need to, you can just take it one year at a time. 

On the days when I question my choices the most, I like to pull out one of my favorite scriptures:

"...with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

I remind myself that I didn't agree to our homeschooling choice lightly. That it was done prayerfully and seriously. And that though I might fail by myself, with God by my side guiding my path, I will do just fine. That what I have to offer in our homeschool FAR outweighs what my boys would get in a public school system. And so I stand at the window with my coffee, and wave to the bus as it drives by, so thankful that my boys are not on it, but are gathered around my table doing their Bible lessons while eating breakfast so that we can go exploring in the creek later.

Second thoughts and worry is normal for any family, much less a homeschooling one. So don't let worry and doubt about it all, be reasons for you to not consider homeschooling with your children!

Thanks for joining me as I explore 5 Common Myths of Homeschooling this week as part of the Real Life Homeschool Blog Hop! I hope you will stop in tomorrow as I dive into Myth #3 and examine the one of the most ridiculous yet seriously pushed myths--guaranteed social awkwardness of my homeschooled children.

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Do you think that the idea of being responsible for their child's entire education is a primary reason for people not to homeschool? Do you think that they believe they can't change their minds once it's begun?
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