April 24, 2015

Random 5 for Friday ~ Revolutionary War and a FREE Printable

Friday Friday! Aren't you so thankful you made it to another one? I know that I sure am! And as part of it being Friday, it means that I have another random rambling post...but this one has a FREE PRINTABLE!
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1. The Revolutionary War era is fascinating. I am a major history buff, but I forgot how exciting that the birth of our nation was. The incredible men and women who set the country on fire for freedom with their words and actions. What a different world we would be living in if we still had men and women like that...because you and I both know...we do not. You can explore in a sort of "Crash course" way the movers and shakers of the time period with all kind of biographies.

2. Patrick Henry was incredible. Most of us know the famous line "Give me liberty or give me death!", but how many people remember who said it? Does anyone know much about the man who declared such an outlandish demand? I knew he was a great man of the Revolutionary War era...and I knew he said it. But I admit. I was pretty clueless about anything else. Little Britches enjoyed diving into Mr. Henry's life as he worked through a biography this week. He learned a lot about him, and was tickled to discover that Patrick wasn't fond of school AND had to learn Latin--just like he was! He also found one of the new words we're learning as part of our Latin--Orator. In Latin, Or= to pray/speak, and a derivative of this is our word oral or orator. Well those words popped up a lot in his book...which made learning Latin more valid to him. He finished his book Where was Patrick Henry On the 29th of May? today and said he really liked it and thinks Patrick Henry is cool and that he'd love to hear him speak. The more I learned about him, the more I recognized what a gift he had and how important he was to that time period.

3. They really should teach more about King George the 3rd. You know, in all my years of school--elementary, middle, high school and college--we never really learned much about King George the 3rd. The "evil tyrant" of the Colonies. Everything is only focused on what's going on in America. It was a good study to read a biography on King George to see the reasoning behind why he was "oppressing" the colonies and to just learn a bit more about him. Did you know he was OCD about things like punctuality and order? Or that he had 14 children? That he considered himself a good king and father to his subjects? Or that he had nightmares the rest of his life about losing the colonies? We learned all that and more as we read-aloud the book Can't You Make Them Behave, King George?. The illustrations are excellent--but then they are buy the famous author/illustrator Tomie dePaola!

4. I want to go to New England for a field trip! All this studying has made me want to take a trip to the New England area so we can visit the cities where our nation was born: Philadelphia, Boston, Yorktown, Lexington, Concord and more! That is one area of the country I have yet to explore and it's on my bucket list. Maybe one of these summers we can work in a family road trip.

5. I was inspired this week to start cranking out some printables! Little Britches was in love so much with Patrick Henry, that I decided to create some copywork of the famous quote he's known for. It was easier than I expected, and it set me off on a printable creation binge! I will be sharing a good chunk of printables on Monday as part of my Poppins Book Nook post, but you can snag my Patrick Henry copywork today! I am hosting it at Teachers Pay Teachers because it's free to have an account and because it lets other teachers find my work. I highly recommend this site for you to snag free or very reasonably priced worksheets, lessons, unit studies, clip art and more!

Patrick Henry Copywork

Click Here to Download Your Copywork

Well it's been a rather slow week--but considering I had three reviews to share last week, I needed a slow week to catch up...because I have to kick off next week with my Poppins Book Nook post on Monday and another review on Tuesday (for La La Logic!). I hope you will check back in and stay in touch!

Have you ever visited the New England area and toured the cities I mentioned above? I'd love to hear about it!

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Amy said...

Yes, I've been to Philly, Boston, New York, and everything from NC to Maine. I love New England!

My daughter is writing a paper about Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson right now, and she'll love seeing your copywork. She volunteers at Patrick Henry's Red Hill home as a living historian, and she's sad at how few people know anything about him. Thanks for sharing!