April 5, 2015

5 Common Myths About Homeschooling~Real Life Homeschool Blog Hop

Once or twice a year, the TOS Review Crew comes together to offer you up a great blog hop focused around a central theme. Last year we had three of them: Back to Homeschool, 5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials and 5 Days of Favorite Family Recipes. These were very popular and they are a lot of fun. This year we are looking to do it again! We are kicking off with our first blog hop starting TOMORROW!

Our theme for this blog hop is "Real Life Homeschool" and each of the bloggers participating will be taking this theme and running with it. Some will show you a day in the life. Others will show you the behind-the-scenes of what their schooling looks like. I thought a lot about it and decided that I'm going to go a different route. A route that will let me share more of my thoughts and also experiences from my own home AND from several of my homeschooling friends.
5 Common Myths About Homeschooling

Over the course of the week, I am going to be talking about five of the myths there are out there about homeschooling:

Myth #1 I have an abundance of patience.
For some reason, everyone thinks that homeschooling moms have the "patience of Job." Why?

Myth #2 I never have second thoughts.
Apparently, homeschooling moms never have bad days or question themselves. Um. Okay. Let's talk about that.

Myth #3 Being homeschooled automatically makes my child awkward in social settings.
There is an idea out there that children can only learn how to interact with other children and adults within a public school setting. Anyone else see a problem with this way of thinking?

Myth #4 I am confident teaching all the subjects my child needs.
I think you will be very surprised about what my fellow homeschoolers share on this day. Here is where the real confessions will happen!

Myth #5 We just do school...at home.
So you do school...at home? No. I EDUCATE at home. There is a big difference...let me show you!

I am going to analyze each of these myths based on what I used to think about homeschooling and what I've learned since I became a homeschooler. You might not know this, but I used to be pretty anti-homeschooling when I was growing up. I thought all the stereotypical things that most of the society does...so I'm going to try to incorporate that into each post.

I know many of you have probably already read posts talking about the myths of homeschooling, but I hope you will still see what I've got to say about it. I am including testamonials from some of my fellow homeschooling friends in my posts, because these myths are things we talk about a lot and I want to share what they have to say about them as well.

So I hope that you will check back in with me tomorrow as we kick off this great week!

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