August 16, 2016

Learning Beginning Spanish with Foreign Languages For Kids By Kids {Curriculum Review}

One of the things I enjoy most about homeschooling, is exploring foreign languages with different programs. We have been blessed to have a chance to try out several different language programs and we recently were given the Starter Set 1 from Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids to learn Spanish and review. With it's more laid back style and immersion videos, I wondered how my boys would enjoy using it and if they'd pick up more or less words with this program.
Beginning Spanish from Foreign Languages For Kids By Kids: A review

Product Information

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids was created to give parents and kids a fun and easy way to learn a new language. Unlike some programs, this curriculum uses immersion so that your children can see the language used in every day kids eating breakfast! The lessons are practical and the vocabulary include things used in every day scenarios. All this combines to allow for children (age 3+) and adults learn the language quickly!

The Beginner Spanish Set (Starter Set 1) $140.25 includes:
*a 20 week curriculum guide
*DVD 1 of first three videos (Level 1-3)
*3 workbooks that go along with each video
*Sticker set for Basketballs Aren't for Breakfast
*Flashcard set, including graphics and Spanish vocabulary for each word learned in the first three lessons.
*FOR A LIMITED TIME: fun card game extension Go Squish!

We received this Starter Set 1 to be reviewed with my boys ages 10 and 6.

How Did We Use Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids?

The program arrived and I was happy to see that there were teacher guides for each of the workbooks. I flipped through the teachers guide to get a feel for how it worked. Once I saw it was very easy to understand, I called the boys in, explained how the program worked, and we started watching the first video. We followed the lesson guides for awhile, but then because of our abbreviated summer schedule and my desire to really make sure they were "getting it", we just started going our own speed. We didn't do the full lessons noted for each day and I would spread lessons out over a couple days if I felt it would help. There are 11 lessons total in the first guide--plus some extended learning activities.

One of the favorite activities was the labelling with stickers using our new vocabulary.

As of today we are gearing up for more of the second video, but we have the first video almost totally memorized and the boys can use the words correctly in sentences. They are doing better and better with their flashcards when we review them. I plan on playing Go Squish! later this week to see how we do.

Watching DVD

Working on a crossword

labeling new vocabulary items

this made me smile--someone doesn't like dishes
we were labeled too! :)

What Are Our Thoughts About Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids?

It is fun and "mi gusta" the videos. The boys in it are funny. Our favorite one is Basketballs aren't for Breakfast! It helps that they have shirts to help us remember the new words we are learning.

This is a very very kid friendly curriculum. I never had any issues getting them to do the program when it was time. They fell in love with Andy, Eli and Parker right from the beginning, laughing at their antics. They quickly picked up some words and by the time we got to the date of this review, they can say every word with at least the first video, and can use the words correctly for "real".

We didn't get super far in this Starter Set 1, because we are on an abbreviated summer schedule and I really wanted them to soak in the words with plenty of time watching the video. What we have done has been highly successfull and enjoyable. The guide for Teachers and Parents that goes with the student manuals are very easy to follow and clear to understand. I really appreciated that the guide included a time frame for how long the lesson might take. The lessons included a nice mix of workbook and activities ("naranja, naranja, manzana!" was a favorite) to help get a good understanding of the language and people.
sample pages from the first workbook
The only thing that was a bit weird was how the workbook wasn't really done in order. I think I would prefer if it was done in order so I could easily flip through to see how much we have left to finish. The other thing about the workbook was the glossy paper it was printed on. The booklet was beautiful and colorful which was great--BUT the kids couldn't write on it very well unless using a permanent marker. I would prefer it to be on paper that is at least like the type the teacher guide was printed on.

Will we continue to use this product?
Yes! I have plans to continue to move forward using the Starter Set 1 to see all that it has to offer. 

Would We Recommend Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids?

Yes! It's presented in an immersion way which is very easy to understand. My boys never complained when it was time to watch the videos and enjoyed being able to follow along with the storyline by the 3rd time we watched it. They use the words they've learned much more frequently than they did when we studied it with other programs. It is simple to use and perfect for multi-age learning. 

This is not an "aggressive" program, If you are looking for a more workbook/text style with lots of recitation and "predictable" use of vocabulary, this isn't it.

Want To Know More?

We reviewed the Spanish program Starter Set 1 from Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids over the last few weeks. You have seen what we think about this fun program--but how did other families in our review team use this product?
Beginner Spanish Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review
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