August 11, 2011

Wish list...

The biggest thing on my wish list right now is a laminator! I need one for all these various little game cards and such that we use EVERY DAY as part of our curriculum! Little Britches is going to have them destroyed before too much more time goes by. I have some of those small self-laminating pouches, but they don't last forever AND they are really only good for small things.

Next on my wish list would be more manipulatives! I'm envious of all the boxes and buckets and containers that most of you all have of big beads, puzzles, cool blocks, lacing cards, and games! Our "cool" manipulative right now is fuzzy pipecleaners! Since he's never played with them before he is loving them! LOL! But oh how he'd enjoy some of the following:
So are any of these things on YOUR wish list? What is your child's favorite manipulative?


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm from NC. I have triplet boys and we are starting the MFW K on August 29th! I love your blog - cute and organized! I saw the pictures of the manipulatives you want - I just found out about the angry birds game last night - that is so on my list of "rewards" for our first week of school! Lol! My boys would love it! I have found a lot of "stuff" at consignment sales/shops. If you have any advice for me as I get ready to start our curriculum I'd love to hear it, especially since you've already gotten your feet wet!

Diana said...

I got a laminator from Amazon when it was super cheap this last winter. I suggest you watch for a good deal. Or use Swagbucks to earn you some Amazon gift cards to get one!

We don't really use manipulatives any more. We had some stuff when he was younger, but the only thing we need them for now is math - and even that can be easily satisfied using LEGO bricks. Bug is not much of a hands-on type kiddo anyways. :)

Samantha said...

Oh you would NOT regret buying a laminator. I got a basic one for Mother's Day in 2010 and I've used it so much it's definitely been worth the cost. I would love to get the cubes that can be stacked for math manipulatives, and the colored bears and patterning cards and child's scale. Those are on my wish list at the moment along with the Usborne Science Activities books.