January 17, 2010

11 weeks 5 days

Good morning Baby Blueberry!

Here we are finishing out the end of our first trimester. So far everything has been going along splendidly...even if you did dump a trimester's worth of morning sickness on me in just 1 1/2 weeks! That wasn't very fun, but I gladly endured it for your sake. LOL! Thankfully your mommy is back to enjoying a variety of food again, though my tastes to still lean in certain directions.

I've had to move almost entirely into maternity shirts, but I'm fine with that. They are so comfortable and cover the waist of my pants. I was blessed with a friend giving me some maternity sweaters. They are so comfy and I needed them for this cooler weather we are having. Thankfully, most of our pregnancy will be during the spring and summer when I can wear warm weather clothes--which is what I have more of at this time anyways.

Here is our pic for this week...

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and then an ultrasound on Wednesday. I hope you will cooperate and be lively for the doctor. But frankly, as long as you have a heartbeat and everything looks okay, you can sleep for all I care!

I'm nearing the stage where my anxieties are taking over. This was a critical stage with my last pregnancy, luv and that unfortunately ended badly. Obviously I'm not expecting it again, but until we both get past the next few weeks successfully, I won't be completely at ease. I just pray for God to give me strength and peace and leave it in His hands, as that is really the only place for things like this.

I still feel like you are a boy...though I appear to be the ONLY person who thinks that! I guess we will find out soon enough and I will be delighted either way.

If you ARE a boy, we've decided to give you the MIDDLE name of Walter. It's a very nice name. You will share it with your Papa. That is my dad and he's a fabulous guy who is dying to see you and hold you. I think he will really like you having his name if you ARE a boy. We don't know what your first name will be yet. We have names we toss around, but nothing sticks yet.

Your brother has decided that since you will be stinky and will cry when you are little, that you aren't allowed to sleep in his room yet. He's decided that sleeping with mommy is the best place for you. I told him that he was right. LOL! He is very excited about you and loves to point to all the babies he sees when we go out and about.

Well, my most dear Little Blu', I have more things to get done today.

I love you forever and always...

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Shannon said...

I heard that morning sickness means that your hormones are at high enough levels that everything is going well and the pregnancy will be good...so hopefully that's a very true rumor. And hopefully it's one that will put your mind at ease a little. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.