January 3, 2010

9 weeks 5 days

Good morning, Little Blue!

It's hard to believe but it is now the year 2010! When I was a little girl I was POSITIVE that we would be living on the moon with cool spaceships and hovercraft to ride in. {giggle} But while we can do many things, we are still safely on earth.

This year is set to bring me great joy as I await your arrival. I have a LOT of waiting to do, but thankfully, I have all kinds of things to keep me occupied. I start school again on Tuesday. I'm curious to see what it will be like to go from 10 weeks to 6 months pregnant through the course of the semester. I worry about fitting behind those desks! LOL!

This month is one which I will be glad to get passed. I know I shouldn't desire time to rush by, but until I can carry you safely through this month and passed the 13 week mark I will be anxious. I know I shouldn't worry about it. That I should just leave it in God's hands...but a mother always worries. Especially about her loved ones. There are times I even find myself "preparing" myself for the worst. I know it's normal, especially after a miscarriage, but I wish I could just enjoy this time completely without worries about losing you. Regardless, I know God is here with me every step of the way. I will be do much better once I get occupied with school and homework.

Your big brother is getting excited about you. He kisses you every night and then blows you a raspberry! I warned him that one of these days you will kick him when he does that, but he just laughs and does it again! He is just going to love you SOOOOO much, Little Blue. He's going to be your protector. He has all kinds of plans for you and he, luv.

Here is our picture for this week.

I don't think I look any bigger then last week...but I still FEEL bigger! I know I'm not eating a whole lot since you only let me eat things you let me. You already made me stop drinking milk and I LOVE milk. Sigh. Oh well, at least you don't have any issues with cheese! LOL! And of course you still {AdOrE} Pineapple!

It's very very cold here right now. Good thing you are warm and toasty in your mommy's belly! Did you know you've grown? You are over an inch now! More like a raspberry. But I still like calling you my Blueberry...

Well love, I need to find something for us to eat.

I love you forever and always!

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Nadine said...

I have enjoyed reading your posts, Lisa and am keeping you both in my prayers. I love that you have named the baby 'blueberry'! How apropos(sp) for you! :D Hope all is well with you and your family! Hugs!