January 24, 2010

12 weeks 5 days

Hello Little Lime!

I can no longer call you a blueberry as you are nearly 3" long! So for now you are my Little Lime. Here we are in the last week of our 1st trimester. So far everything looks great...but I'm still nervous. It was just a week past where we are right now that things went wrong last spring and I lost my previous baby. So while I'm anxious to get past this point, I am confident that God is in control and I WILL get to hold you in 28 weeks!

Here is our picture for this week:

You and I are growing quite nicely! Thankfully, mommy is also feeling so much better! It seems I've gotten past all my sickness and can enjoy food (well, the food that YOU like) again.

I love you forever and always!

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