January 20, 2010

12 weeks 1 day

Good afternoon, Little Blueberry!

After seeing you today, I can safely say that you are no longer the size of a blueberry! You have grown into a lime! I adored seeing your little arms and legs and fingers and toes. You moved around when we first found you. Twisting and turning trying to get comfortable. I saw your beautiful profile with your darling little nose and mouth.

Then when you stopped moving, the nurse started pushing you. Poor dear! You rolled over, looked at us and then I had to smile when you proceeded to fold your legs up, cross your arms and roll back over to give us a view of your back. Excuse us for interupting your sleep, loved one! LOL!

Your little heart was there fluttering so fast. Beating a nice 154 bpm. You just looked so healthy that your momma just sighed. At one point you even looked like you were praying. They said that you are measuring big, but that's just because you are doing your best to grow strong!

It was so nice to have another picture of you to bring home...even if it was of your back. I can see your little neckbones and the place where your heart is. Your brother Seth snatched the picture from me and demanded I show him. So I pulled him on my lap and told him what all the parts were. He told me you were a "He" baby. Maybe he's right. Maybe he's wrong. Time will reveal!

I made our next ultrasound appointment for when your MumMum will be in town. She will get to be with me when we find out if you are a girl berry or a boy berry. While I still think you are a little boy, I will be estatic if I learn you are my princess. We want to meet you so much. You have been longed for so dearly. Prayed for so intensely. You are our baby blessing and our family is so full of love for you already...you are going to be one spoiled little bundle!

Here is your latest picture:

We can see your back, your neck, your head. An arm above and an arm below and your legs folded under your bottom. And that little black spot in the middle of your back is your dear little pulsing heart.

Ah my love, it was so wonderful to see you today. It set your mommy's heart at ease. Not completely mind you, but it did do wonders.

I love you forever and always!


Sprytebyrd said...

WoW! What a wonderful picture! I LOVE the nickname BlueBerry :) So sweet! Keep growing, little one, I can't wait to see your beautiful smile!
Hugs from WA

The Gustafson Family said...

I love your cute layout and that your little baby is doing so well! I will be following your progress with your little blueberry.