February 28, 2010

17 weeks 5 days

Good morning little Eggplant!

Mum-mum and I were trying to think what veggie or fruit you were size wise and decided an eggplant sounded about right! LOL!

You are DEFINITELY growing as I can feel so much more now. In fact, you tend to make me pause at times as you stretch and make my tummy pull in places. I know there isn't much room for you in there, but sometimes it does hurt your mommy! But that's okay. Keep on stretching and growing, love!

It's getting closer and closer to finding out if you are going to be a little prince or a princess! Just 1 1/2 weeks! So close and so exciting! We are REALLY getting excited! It will just be nice to call you by a name or even just a definite "he" or "she"! I think your mum-mum is really going to enjoy seeing you on that ultrasound screen! LOL!

Well, it had to happen eventually and it's happening now. Mommy is starting to be hungry ALL THE TIME! I know this is really a good thing as it means mommy needs to start adding some calories (sob!) to give you more energy to grow...but it also means mommy is going to start gaining some weight. Boo!!! LOL! But it comes with the territory! Mommy just has to watch what she eats to make sure it's the RIGHT stuff...probably not a good idea to keep eating the cinnamon rolls she's been consuming here lately. Very tasty, but not very healthy!

For the record, I admit that I'm still feeling boy for you love...so I'm curious to see if you've just been fooling me, or if mommy's intuition is right!

I love you forever and always!

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