February 7, 2010

14 weeks 5 days

Dear Little Lime~

We are almost at the 15 week mark! Only 25 weeks to go! LOL!

I think I felt you move last night. I was lying on my back and felt a little flutter about 2-3" below my belly button. It was in the right place, so I'm just going to assume it was you. I waited and hoped you would do it again, but you didn't. But that's okay because at 1:00am you should be sleeping anyways. It's good for you to practice that now, because I'd appreciate it if you continued it once you arrive! LOL!

I know I've been anxious over you, but between losing my cookies due to a bad smell, food still tasting icky, an aversion to ground beef and this little flutter, I feel MUCH better about things. I am still very very eager to hear your heartbeat again next week. And it's only a month before we get to find out whether or not you are a boy or a girl. After the weekend I've had with your daddy and brother, I'm praying with all my heart you are a little GIRL! LOL! I need another female in this house to even things up!

Here is our picture for this week:

You can see that I'm getting almost pointy already which is funny. I really am a bit lopsided when I look at my tummy, so you must be more on one side then the other. My shirts aren't quite coming down as far as I'd like, which tells me that I'm carrying you high right now.

Well, my love I am in need of groceries, so I'm going to head out the door. I will wander through the baby section again and touch all the cute things that I'm dying to be able to buy again.

Grow strong and healthy, love.

I love your forever,

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Anonymous said...

Lovin the belly shots!!! Thank you for sharing all of this with us. :) *hugs* - Lori