February 21, 2010

16 weeks 5 days

Well my luv...you are no longer my little Limey! You have grown to avocado proportions! So for now, I have dubbed you my Little Avocado! Hmm, if I knew you were a girl, I'd call you Little Ava! LOL!

Mommy isn't feeling so hot today. I think I've caught the cold that your brother has had. But hopefully between water, hot tea and good vitamins, Mommy can stop it in it's tracks!

I have been enjoying feeling your movements, my dearest. Some days you are busier than others and there are times I wish I could feel you move all the time. But I know that as you get bigger, I might regret that wish! LOL! I noticed again today that when I take a shower, you move to the top of my belly and I think you like hearing the water when it hits my belly.

Here is our new belly picture:

Compared to two weeks ago, I do believe you are making mommy poke out quite a bit, luv! I was told yesterday that I already looked like I had half a watermelon! Hmmm...how do I respond to that? LOL! Sigh. I know, I know. Women tend to have BIG BELLIES in our family when reaching that last trimester. Your brother gave me a watermelon and I'm sure you will too! But that's okay...it comes with the territory!

Mommy has a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I'm itching to hear your heartbeat again. I'm NOT itching to get on the scale. Sigh. But they always like to torture us pregnant women like that...

Your mum-mum will be coming next week! Your mommy is going to be very happy to see her! And then your papa will be visiting too and we will be having such a good time together! Maybe you will be kicking harder by then and they will be able to feel you...that would be delightful! The best thing about them coming, though, is that the day Papa flies out here is the day mum-mum and I will learn whether you are a little boy or a girl! I can't wait to see you again on that ultrasound! We are going to take a video tape so we can record you moving around like we did with your brother...that is always so much fun to watch!

Well, lovie, I need to go now.

Remember that I will love you always and forever! You are our little blessing from God and we thank Him EVERY DAY for your existence!

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