July 19, 2010

37 weeks 6 days

Dear baby love...

It's getting to the point where every day I ask you (and God) if THIS will be the day you arrive. Part of that comes from just eager expectation and the other part from the fact that my feet are killing me! LOL! Mommy's poor feet don't even look like her own. They are so swollen they wrinkle at the toes and hurt...oh my how they ache. This is something mommy didn't experience when she was pregnant with your brother during the winter and an experience she hopes she can avoid next time around!

Mommy's friend Miss Jenn just had her baby boy today. You are going to be friends with him and his brother and sister as Mommy meets up with Miss Jenn every month. Oh what fun all you guys will have over the years. Your brother Seth is the oldest of the crew at 4 1/2...then comes Miss Jenn's Ophira (2) and Noam (1) and then little Ari (newborn). Yes sir, I think we will have fun getting together with our brood! Little Ari beat you out though...yep, he was supposed to wait a bit longer, but he decided to give his mommy a break...

I wouldn't be adverse to you doing the same thing for me, darling baby! LOL!

But I know that you will come out when it is time and not a moment sooner...

And so everyday I ask..."Will it be today?"

Love you always and forever,

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