July 5, 2010

35 weeks 6 days

Dearest baby boy,

It is hard to believe but July is finally here! Only 1 month--or maybe less--until you get here! I've waited so long for this month to be here and now that it is here, it is almost hard to believe my pregnancy is almost over. And to think that you could be here in just maybe 2 or 3 weeks! That's no time! Of course, it would be more convenient for you to wait until my mom get's here in 3 weeks...LOL! But you just go ahead and come out when you are ready...but I'm warning you now that you will be receiving your eviction notice as soon as Mum-Mum gets here! And NO LATE ARRIVALS! LOL!

Your daddy FINALLY got out the baby stuff for me to go through. It's been packed away for 4 years, so I don't hardly remember what I even have! I need to sort and wash EVERYTHING since it's probably got that "packed away in storage" smell. And I have to clean up the bouncer, carseat and pack-n-play and stroller. And of course I have to clean out your brother's closet to make room for your things too. A lot of things to do between now and when you are supposed to arrive, so don't come too early, okay?

Your Mamaw made you the most adoreable cradle set. She special ordered the fabric just for you, love! Your brother thinks it's perfect!

Well, got a tons of things to do my darling little boy.

I love you always and forever,

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Dusty said...

That is an adorable cradle set! Here's sending good labor and delivery vibes your way! I hope the eviction notice works! Mine didn't! lol Due date is tomorrow and nothing going on here but a waddle.