July 29, 2010

39 weeks 2 days

Dearest Baby of mine,

God grant me the serenity to make it through the next few days until your arrival. Our doctor is driving me nuts. He keeps trying to convince mommy to force you to come out instead of just leaving you alone. He doesn't seem to know whether he's coming or going with us. One minute he's saying mommy's sugars are fine and the next minute he's trying to scare mommy about what can happen to babies of diabetic mommies. Poor man. He's got so many women to take care of before he retires at the end of the month...I think he's forgotten who is whom!

But don't you worry. Your mommy is going to make sure you don't come until you are ready and willing to arrive. So far you are just doing fine in there. Your little heartbeat is steady and you are moving for me regularly. Signs which tells me that things are going perfectly fine in there. Your last ultrasound (last week) showed mommy that things look good on the inside too. So you just come out when your ready...

But if mommy can make a request...how about you come out before Monday so I don't have to go back to this silly doctor again????? Think you can do that for your mommy?? LOL! I'm sure that if God wants you to arrive by Monday, then you will...and if He has it in His plans for you to bake longer...well, that is fine too. I just need a new dose of patience to deal with our doctor.

I love you now and forever!


Merry said...

Wishing I could give you a great big huge right now.... But I can't so here's a virtual one...

Hang in there mommy! LOVE YOU!

Merry said...

I meant to write "great big huge hug" just so you know. :P :)