July 13, 2010

37 weeks

Well baby, it's official...we are *full-term*!! That means that there is NO stopping us if you decide to come out. We are green-light for go! Of course it would be more "convenient" if you wait 2 more weeks for Mum-Mum...but please, don't let that stop you! LOL!

The weather is a bit cooler this week which makes your mommy sooo much more comfortable. Mommy doesn't like her fat feet from the swelling due to humidity. Yuck!

I seem to be getting bigger every day at this point. Shirts which fit the day before now show belly. I supposed that is because you are moving down...down...down...

Here is our Belly Pic:

From here on out, mommy is going to try to take weekly shots until you arrive and then will try to remember to take one the day you decide to make your grand entrance. It will be fun to look back on them later.

Stay healthy and strong and know there is a host of people just dying to make your acquaintance!

With love forever and always,

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Sanwanya said...

woo hoo I am so happy for you !! Cant wait to see his cute lil pictures!! You look great lisa baby bumps are the cutest!!