August 1, 2011


It's already the first day of August and now it's Go-time! I only have one measly little week to finish getting everything together for the first day of school on Monday the 8th! AHHHHHHHH! Fortunately, we got the big stuff taken care of this weekend when my ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS husband of mine mounted everything up on the wall for me. The 8 foot whiteboard was no easy task--3 hours to get that puppy up, but it's soooooo nice! Seth can't hardly stand to be in any other room in the house. He loves his desk (for now anyways) and wanted to even eat lunch there today.

This week is all about making sure I have the first few lesson plans printed up and ready to go with all my resources and reproducibles. I'm trying to get the first 4 lessons ready so that I'm not so rushed later. The main thing I don't have ready to go at this point is the first "row" for the FIAR (Five in a Row) unit. But I'm finishing up everything else FIRST!

Did I mention I'm also trying to wean my soon-to-be one year old? I can't handle any more crazy nights where I am getting up with him MULTIPLE times just to be his mommy pacifier! I barely pulled myself out of bed this morning! Today went pretty well...we'll see how the night rolls by.

So that's the point I'm at right now. I would say about 75% ready to go--and getting closer every day!

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