August 6, 2011

Go to the Ant...

I was very interested when I heard that our sermon was going to be on "The Way of the Ant: 8 Lessons We Can Learn from Ants". To make it even better, it was a powerpoint with all types of pictures of ants--matching each lesson. The minister brought up how we as followers of God can learn much from the main traits that ants have-- as they are all important character traits God requires of us.

Here are the eight lessons/character traits that we can apply to our lives from the ant:
1. Ants are well-organized and orderly
Oh my. I have a LONG ways to go before I will have this as a dominant character trait...which is why I'm glad it's #1 on the list. I really am going to have to apply this to my homeschooling since it will be easy to move into chaos.

2. Ants practice unselfish unity and sharing
Ah. Unselfish unity...I suppose that one is kind of like "taking one for the team"...another thing that I'm striving to work towards. On the other hand, nothing pleases me more then sharing with someone else...unless it's a dessert. Then all bets are off! (wink)
Seriously though, this also goes with the fact that God wants to share His way of life with I need to be doing my part in that. I don't do it nearly enough, I'm afraid...

3. Ants have an amazing sense of discipline
Isn't it funny how we can have discipline in some things, but not in others? For me it's in regards to exercise and physical activity. I create a million excuses on why I "can't" exercise today--and then complain about being overweight. I need to discipline myself to care about getting enough exercise and STICK TO IT!

4. Ants are tireless and always active.
Here is where the story of the grasshopper and ant come to mind. How many times do I put off doing something important because I'd rather do something that is useless or pointless? Ants are dilligent and steadfast...never slumbering until the job is done. In the book of Proverbs, there are over 14 mentions by King Solomon regarding the lazy man...and several of them in comparison with the ant.

5. Ants are persistent.
Ants keep at their goal no matter what comes in their way. How many times do you swipe at a line of ants only to see them back in line in a matter of minutes? They go over and under anything you put in their path! How dilligent am I in regards to seeking the Lord to guide all my steps? Do I persist in staying on course even when the chips are down?

6. Ants are great planners.
Ah! Now here is something that I believe I am good at. I love to plan and have my plans succeed! But, sometimes I plan to big and then get frustrated when someone/something "ruins" my plan. How much planning do I do in my spiritual life? God is a great planner. He is the ultimate planner when it comes to the future! Look at John 14:2-3!

7. Ants are strong and hardworking.
Oh that I had the strength of an ant! If I could only bear my spiritual and mental burdens the way they bear something 20 times their size. Thank God I can draw on the Lord for my strength. Phillipians 4:14 is one of my favorite scriptures!

And finally...
8. Ants have teamwork.
Now here is something that I can be so grateful for--I have an amazing network of family and friends who have supported me and CONTINUE to support me! I include many of you--I've never met you, but I use many of your blogs to help me along my way. So don't think that what you are writing is twadle or useless! It may be JUST what I (or someone else) need at that moment in time!

One of my most favorite songs contains the following words:

No man is an island, no man stands alone

Each man's joy is joy to me
Each man's grief is my own
We need one another, so I will defend
Each man as my brother
Each man as my friend

I think this is a great summary of what teamwork is all about!

So there you have a quick glance on eight lessons that you (and I) can learn about ants in relation to becoming more like Christ with Godly character.

I must say that Little Britches was fascinated by the photos and information--I was wishing we were already at Lesson 11 (I think) in our My Father's World Kindergarten Curriculum which is all about insects and learning about ants via an ant farm! I'm also going to incorporate parts of THIS ANT LAPBOOK with our studies on this unit.

And one little last funny...when we saw a photo of a whole gob of ants with eggs and the big queen in the middle, Little Britches leaned over and asked "Which one is the wife?" I told him that the queen was the big one in the middle. He leaned over again and said "but which one is the WIFE?" I told him that they had a queen, and ants didn't have wives. He said "oh" and was happy. LOL!

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