August 30, 2011

MFW Highlights: Week #1

Last week was our 3rd week of school and we worked on Unit #1: Ss Sun from the My Father's World-Kindergarten curriculum. This is probably Little Britches most favorite letter since it's the first letter of his name! Here are a few highlights from last week...

Little Britches LOVES the Cuisenaire Rods that came with our Deluxe package so is always eager to use them--I use them during our Math portion of the unit on the first day. Here he is using them with the S page in the book.
Once he's done with the pages, I always have him design MORE things that start with the same letter with the rods. What is this you ask? Why a Steamroller of course! He was snacking on grapes and decided to incorporate them into his creation.

This was supposed to be the painting of a sun...but he got carried away with we made is a Sunflower instead. He learned about mixing red and yellow to make the orange...he ADORES the painting part of the week.

 Have you ever made Sandpaper Prints? We tried it and fell in LOVE with them! Here is Mommy's rainbow and Little Britches rainbow--he scoffed at mine and said HIS was more colorful. I would have to agree, wouldn't you?

To make Sandpaper Prints...

1. Get a package of sandpaper.
I got mine for $1 at our local Family Dollar. It had all different grits so we tried a few different ones.

2. Color with crayons on the sandpaper. 
Make sure you color pretty hard on it so there is a lot of color on it.

3. Get a piece of plain white/cream paper, some newsprint, and your iron/ironing board. Put the colored sandpaper FACE UP, then the white paper/cream paper, then the your hot iron over the top for about 10-15 seconds.
4. Peel it all apart and see the print your sandpaper design left on the white paper!  
I've heard this works on T-shirts too--we will try it and see at some point.

There are some of our more fun highlights from last week's unit--thanks for stopping by!



Dusty said...

How neat! I think I may have to borrow the sandpaper print idea!

Monica said...

Love your Sandpaper Prints... what a great idea! Thanks for linking up too.

Kattie said...

I love the creative stuff you are doing. I have never heard of sandpaper prints, what fun! Thanks for linking up and sharing!

All of a Kind Family said...

I finally caught up reading all your posts! You have been busy. This is a really cute idea and so unique.

Have a wonderful weekend!