August 26, 2013

Poppins Book Nook~ August 2013: Fairytales!

If you are here for the first time, let me give you a run down on what the Poppins Book Nook is all about. We are a group of Homeschooling Bloggers who work around a book theme each month. On the last Monday of the month we come together to share with you what books we read about that theme...and share any activities, field trips, crafts, ect that we might have done relating to that theme! Because our books are for ages PreK to 12th, visiting each blog in the blog hop lets you get a plethora of ideas for your children regardless of their age!

Last month's theme was all about Ocean/Beach (you can see my post here), but this month it's all about the a much loved theme of Fairytales!!

Now with our crazy August schedule and the fact that we aren't doing school during the summer, our Poppins Book Nook activity has pretty much just been READING! Yep, just good old reading some books to match the theme!

We have two great FairyTale books to recommend for this month--they are absolutely BOY approved--no princesses or fru-fru stuff! LOL!

Our first book we kind of stumbled upon, but it ended up being a definite favorite! 

This book is a classic because not ONLY is it a re-telling of the famous fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk, but it's a re-telling with an Appalachian feel! The language is absolutely backwoods and hick! And the great thing about this is that it makes for a great read aloud story! We had to chuckle because living right at the edge of the Appalachian Mountains we HEAR this language quite a lot from the characters living in the "hollows" around our town!
The first time I read the story I tried to read it straight...but the NEXT time I read it with a "hillbilly" swagger and it just flowed off the tongue and the boys howled! Here is an example...instead of what the giant says in MOST versions of the story, the giant in THIS book says:
"Fee Fi Pickles and Cracker
I smell the toes of a Tadwhacker."

So not only is this a great book for fairytales but if you were studying the Appalachian mountain region I recommend this book as a great way to examine the language...because as crazy as the language seems it really IS what many of the residents in the region say--especially the further you go into the mountains.

The second book we read was ANOTHER retelling of a popular fairytale--this one of the Three Little Pigs.
The Three Ninja Pigs
This retelling of the popular story takes place in Japan. It's very clever in how it introduces the reader to three different forms of martial arts as well as teaching the lesson of diligence and perseverance. And yes, even your girls will like it as the THIRD pig IS a girl pig. LOL! The illustrations are gorgeous and it's just a very fun read. It's written in rhyme which makes it fun to read-aloud. If you have little "ninjas" in your house, I think they will love this book!

I was really hoping to get to my "ultimate" fairy tale resource but it just didn't happen...

This book is about 2" thick and has all of the classic fairytales first written down by Hans Christian Anderson! I plan on incorporating them into our reading this year. Not only are they original forms of the stories we know and love, but they also teach character and morals. I purchased this book when I was a teenager because I knew it was a treasure for my bookshelf!
This month's Poppins Book Nook is very special in that we are given all of you a chance to win your own copy of
This is a fabulous book to have in your collection for your bookshelf so make sure you use the Rafflecopter widget here to get entered to win!
Ready to add your own posts about Fairytale themed books?

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