August 13, 2013

Real Life Homeschooling for August~ Summer Camp

It's a new month for our Real Life Homeschooling blog hop! This month I decided to tackle socialization. That is always the #1 thing people throw out there for why you shouldn't homeschool. "They won't know how to socialize!" Seriously? Well, we put that to the test this month as Little Britches experienced socialization on the grand scale...


Here are some photos from it...and you tell ME how you think he did! (giggle)
Playing Frisbee with the boys in his dorm (B1) as they get checked-in

Playing Corn Hole with a boy from B2

He dressed like a cat and was in a skit in front of the whole camp--he played his part in the performance no problem and no stage freight

Playing "Duck-Duck-Goose" with his dorm and that of G1 (my dorm) would never have known he'd never played it before...

Taking the time to give me lovin's while in line at dinner...

Waiting in line patiently for dinner 
(oh yeah...something ELSE that he'd never had to do before, yet had no problems with it)

Two of the many new friends he made...

His head counselor and an assistant counselor--

Another one of his new friends who called him by name to get a picture together...

One of his favorite assistant counselors

Another one of his new friends from camp

And more friends...

Yeah---totally looks like we need to work on socialization huh? (snort) Let's just say no one would have been able to pick him out as the "homeschool kid" when they were all playing together on the playground or doing an activity. In fact, he listened and followed directions better than most of his other dorm mates--of which 80% of them were public school kids.Yep, gotta worry about that socialization...

Anyways, summer camp was an awesome experience for Little Britches and he really got to experience things that we can't in our homeschool how to interact with a lot of other people at once, follow directions for games, play as a team and how to encourage and play with other people--those things in which good social skills are important--ie PE and recess! LOL! But he had no trouble with it--even if he had never experienced it before.

Here is a photo of some girls in my own dorm...I had G1
It was pretty cool that 2 of my campers and 2 of my assistant counselors are homeschooled...can you pick them out of the group photo? Nah I didn't think you could...(wink)

That's it for Real Life Homeschooling this month! 
Make sure you hop around and see what the other bloggers have for you and add your own posts about real life homeschooling experiences!


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