March 22, 2016

Owlegories from An Animated Series Using Lessons from Nature to Teach about God {Product Review}

Do you enjoy videos for your children that teach about God and the Christian way of life? We sure do. We own several, but are always on the look out for more clever videos to add to our collection. We were given the DVD Owlegories: The Ant, the Fruit, and the Butterfly from to review and I hoped that it would be another winner for our collection.
Owlegories from ~Product Review

Product Summary

Owlegories: The Ant, The Fruit, and the Butterfly is one of the many delightful Christian children's videos that carries. The video is an animated series teaching children more about God by looking at beautiful and incredible things found in the world around us and seeing how it ties into messages in God's word. The main characters of this cute series are a Professor Owl and his five little owl students named Violet, Joey, Twitch, Gus, and Nora. There is also an antagonist of an owl named Devlin and his hummingbird sidekick who try to wreck the plans of the kids.

In this volume of Owlegories, there are three stories:
*The Ant: The children must work together on a mission to collect syrup for the pancakes the professor is making.  As part of their mission, the children must learn three ways that followers of Christ should be like the ant. The message of this episode is one of Hard Work.

*The Fruit: The professor sends the children to an apple orchard in order to teach them about the Fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5. The children learn what all 9 Fruit of the Spirit are in this episode.

*The Butterfly: In this episode, the kids must get over their fear of bugs, as they search for caterpillars in the nature around them. They also must determine three ways that a follower of Christ is like the very bug they are searching for.  The message of this video is one of finding true freedom as a believer in God.

The runtime for Owlegories: The Ant, The Fruit, and the Butterfly (retail $9.99) is approximately 34 minutes.

Our Thoughts on the Product

The boys really enjoyed this video. They loved the characters and found the stories humorous as well as informative.  I heard them giggling several times throughout the course of the shows. Baby Britches said he liked The Ant episode the best, because he liked it when Devlin got stuck in the ant hill. Little Britches liked The Butterfly episode the most because he said it had the most funny stuff in it. Both have asked me if there are any more episodes, so I know that they enjoyed them.  I discovered that there is another dvd of Owlegories on, so I am going to watch for it to go on sale.

Included with the DVD is a pamphlet that gives information for signing up to receive notification of new episodes of Owlegories as well as the opportunity to receive a promo code to watch a free episode of the series on my smart phone or tablet. I am going to check this out, because I know they would enjoy watching more.

I think my boys reactions says it all. These are cute episodes that teach good lessons about God and His way of life. My favorite was The Fruit because it likened attitudes like anger and greed to rotten apples that fall from a tree and make a mess. This is a great visual and a way for me to remind the boys of their bad attitudes.

I think this video is a good production and one that I definitely recommend. The only drawback, is that I don’t purchase videos anymore because of being able to stream shows on all my devices. I think it would be cool if the purchase of the DVD gave you access to streaming the episodes to your device like other DVDs now offer.  If the other DVD of Owlegories goes on sale (because right now $9.99 is too much for me to spend on a short DVD like this), I will definitely be purchasing it for our collection.

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