March 27, 2016

A Peek At This Week's Lineup~ 3/27/2016

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Hello! Happy Spring! It is going to be a simply beautiful day here on the farm--looking at nearly 80 degrees! Woo hoo! Everyone here is so very very VERY happy at this forecast because we are ready to get out and get stuff done!

I thought I would take a minute to get you a "forecast" of what's going to be going on here on the blog this week. It's going to be VERY busy!

Starting tomorrow, the Schoolhouse Review Crew will be doing our biannual 5 Days of... blog hop. This is when we all blog under a generic theme and you are able to hop among our blogs to read the posts we have chosen to share with you under the umbrella theme. This year, our first blog hop is 5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents. You are going to find a plethora of information this week. There is so much that could be talked about under this theme! I really hope that you will join us over the course of this week as we explore this topic. What am I going to blog about this week? Um. That may or may not still be up in the air. LOL. But I promise that I will have at least three days of sharing on this topic--starting tomorrow!

So make sure you check in because these blog hops are always informative and very enjoyable! If you want to see what I did for past blog hops, here are the links:

*5 Days of...How Do I Teach and Still Fulfill My Role as Wife and Mother?
*5 Days of...Favorite Family Recipes
*5 Days of...Homeschooling Essentials
*5 Days of...Debunking 5 Common Homeschool Myths

On Wednesday, I will be posting my review of the Fourth Grade Literature Guide Set from Memoria Press. This is a literature curriculum that I have been using with Little Britches over the last weeks. I am looking forward to sharing with you about how the review has been going for us and what my thoughts are on it.

Sometime this week, I am also going to be sharing two book reviews. The special thing about each of these reviews, is that they are books by new authors! One of the authors is actually a special friend of mine that I have known for about 10 years, which makes it EXTRA special. I look forward to introducing A Heart Made of Indigo by Shaela Kay and Counted With the Stars by Connilyn Cossette with you!

I encourage you to at least go read their summary in order to wet your whistle--Counted with the Stars is available for pre-order (released April 5), but A Heart Made of Indigo is already available for purchase.

As an extra bit of excitement, I am going to be attending the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati this coming Friday (April 1) which is something I have been waiting for all year. This year, I plan on Instagramming my adventures and sharing my finds throughout the day. I hope you will follow me on Instagram to share in the excitement! I am hoping that I will run into some of my favorite fellow bloggers and I'm not-so-secretly hoping to meet IEW's Andrew Peduwa in person! It's going to be a jam packed day and thanks to the beauty of technology, I should be able to share it with you!

If you DON'T have Instagram, fear not. I plan on blogging all about my adventures once I return home, so you won't miss out!

Long story short---it's going to be a VERY VERY busy week. But week's where my blog is full brings me a LOT of satisfaction. If you aren't interested in homeschooling or books (can we even be friends if you don't like books? LOL), I plan on incorporating tips for meal planning in the middle of my 5 Days of Tips for Homeschooling Parents, so you might still want to check in!

Have a simply delightful Sunday! It's going to be nearly 80 degrees here today, so our family is out and about soaking up our Vitamin D and getting things done here on the farm! Time to go get my hands dirty and knock out some gardening!


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Shaela said...

Sounds like an awesome week!! I'm excited to follow the hop on homeschooling - 2 years in and I still feel like I'm scrambling trying to figure it out, haha.