August 15, 2010

1 week 3 days

Life with baby is just wonderful. Justin is so good and just sleeps and eats most of the day. His awake time is getting longer and he's starting to notice things like stuffed animals hanging from his bouncer. And he's moving his hands and arms now a lot more. He will do more gripping of your fingers now. His little legs are plumping up quite quickly and his diapers are getting a big tight around his chubber thighs! We just LOVVVVVEEE pinching those things!

His circumcision is almost healed and the plastibell is hanging--literally--by a thread, so we expect that to come off in the next day or so. His belly button is looking good and will probably come off at the end of this week sometime.

He is just such a pleasant baby. Content to be held and wooled all over. He eats well and other than a few random tummy troubles, rarely cries. He has a much different cry than Seth. It's a lot quieter for one thing! He does NOT wake the dead like Seth could! LOL! And he only cries really, if he's hungry, has gas or is wet. He HATES wet diapers.

So really our transition is going well. I'm able to get blocks of sleep at night which I'm getting adjusted to and since he continues to sleep like that during the day, it is allowing me time to do normal stuff--you know--laundry, dishes, ect...but I also take time for that blessed thing called a...NAP!

Everyone is in love with our baby bundle...even Seth! He likes to lie down on the floor next to him and just talk to him and show him his toys. I'm so glad that Seth is adjusting well. I was worried about it for awhile.

It is tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday that will be the real test though. It will be my first 3 days without any extra help from mom or John. Hopefully, Justin will continue to do what he's been doing and it won't be any trouble. I just really have to remember to catch some ZZZZZZ's during the day just in case the nights are rough.

Thanks for all the warm wishes and prayers for our new family!

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Sanwanya said...

SO glad to hear that Justin is doing so well and is such a good baby ,sure does help when baby is good and sleeps well,I just love reading the Seth-isms on he side bar Seth crakes me up and so happy to hear that Seth love baby Justin too and is such a big helper!!