August 18, 2010

13 days old...

Just a quick note...Justin had a high fever in the wee hours of the morning today...101.5. Thankfully no other symptoms so they said to just bring him to the pedi a few hours later. Learned he has an ear infection...but a high white blood cell count too. So we headed over to the hospital for cultures to be drawn and an antibiotic shot to be given. By then he was MUCH better and nursing like a pro again.

But now we've go to wait 2-3 days for the result of his cultures...and I learned I have mastitis. Oh yes...It's been a glorious day...but it could have been worse. I narrowly missed a HORRIBLE car accident where I was the first person on the scene and could have been involved had God not intervened by putting me behind a slow car.

So my day could have been a million times worse...and for that I will be thankful...

But prayers are requested for both me AND Justin so that we can both be back to normal ASAP!

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  1. I am so happy you and Justin was wrapped in God's hands at the time of the accident!! I will say a prayer that you and Justin feels better soon!I really enjoy reading your updates on the bundle of JOY!!


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