August 29, 2010

3 weeks 3 days

Can you believe that Justin will already be a month old this coming Thursday? Shocking isn't it? Time is just whoooshing along as it usually does when you have babies. Every day something has changed--and if you miss a couple days...Wow! Talk about serious change! I think the chunkey monkey gains an ounce a day because he gets heavier and heavier! LOL! His double chin has definitely outgrown his first chin and his creases are getting deeper and deeper!

Yesterday was his first day at church and it went well. My family managed to be out the door on time and we didn't forget anything! Everyone loved meeting Justin for the first time and naturally loved his hair! Unfortunately, the little bugger didn't sleep during church at all, choosing to wait until 5 minutes before church was OVER to close his eyes! Isn't that how it always works??

I posted a pic of him wearing his first church duds on the left side of my blog. He looked so cute! I even got him in some shoes! Seth wasn't able to wear shoes for a long time because his feet weren't long enough.

Everything is going well still. I need a nap...but what mommy doesn't?? Justin does pretty well at night--typically going 3 hours between feedings. And he usually goes right back to sleep which is wonderful!

Ever since I started my bland diet, his tummy hasn't bothered him during the night which is great. And I noticed his hiccups aren't coming as regularly. Of course now we are dealing with baby acne. It is all over his poor face, but doesn't seem to bother him. In fact, the person it seems to bother the most is John! LOL! We are hoping it will clear up in the next couple weeks before we leave for the Feast.

Can you believe September starts this week? Shocking! My dad and John share September 5th as their birthday, so i need to whip up some birthday cards. I wish we were doing something exciting for Labor Day weekend...but no...however, tomorrow I am heading into Cincinnati to spend some time with one of my friends as well as going shopping! Woohoo!

Well, gotta go do some housework...and sneak in a nap!

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