August 9, 2010

4 days old

It's been 4 days since Justin's birth, but it already seems like he's been in our lives FOREVER! We love to just sit together and gaze at him while he's sleeping and everyone competes for a glimpse at his little sleepy smile. He's such a darling little lovebug and I just drink in his baby smell. What IS IT that makes them smell like that? It must be a special perfume created by God to captivate you and make you willing to drop everything just for a chance to snuggle that precious bundle and drink in that intoxicating scent again.

I love how he loves mommy best...what? You KNOW he does because I'm the feed bag! LOL! But when he gives me little rooter kisses and turns to me when he hears my he scooches out of John's arms to root his way into mine. What's NOT to love? I don't mind that I'm connected to him. I adore every moment. Even the 2:30am ones.

So far, he's just an easy baby. Sleeps and sleeps and then loves to do time just sitting and looking around. He hardly ever cries and when he does, he just doesn't have that full blown baby wail that some do. At least not YET...

Yep, we all love him. Even Seth. Seth tells everyone that he LOVES his brother. But he's very particular about one thing. You had better not call him--or refer to Justin---as "Bubby". Nope. Seth made it VERY clear that Justin is to call him "Seth" and that Justin is his "brother" or "baby" or "Justin" NOT "bub" or "Bubby". He clears that up right away whenever someone refers to him or Justin as such. (snicker)

Well, time for a nap...for mommy!

Here's a mini slideshow of some of my favorite shots we've taken thus far...

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