August 13, 2010

One week and one day

It is hard to believe that Justin is already a week old! How fast the days go by. He's changed so much already--packing on the chubbers and filling out that wrinkly skin! He weight 8lbs 13 oz at birth...then was down to 8lbs 6 oz on Sunday...but yesterday at his WIC appointment he was up to 10lbs 2 oz! That is shocking...we are a bit skeptical, but he is chunking up fast. I put an outfit on him today which he wore earlier this week. It was a night and day difference on how it fit him! So maybe he is nearing 10 lbs already! We just love his double chin and his chubby thighs we can't keep our hands off of them. LOL!

Mom went home yesterday which was bittersweet for her. She hated to leave us behind, but since it had been 3 weeks, she was itching to get back home to dad and my brother. We are so thankful we have SKYPE so we can video chat every night. Not to mention it's only 6 weeks until we see each other again--this time WITH my dad and brother--when we keep the Feast of Tabernacles in Bushkill, PA! We are all staying together in a big house which will be soooo much fun!

I'm itching to get back to my normal activities which thankfully will be easier to do since Justin is such an *easy* baby that just likes to eat and sleep all day long! He rarely cries and if he does it's just because he's either wet or hungry. Both of which are easily dealt with.

Our nights are going great. Last night he did a 4 hour stretch and then a 3 hour stretch giving me a delightful 7 hours of sleep! Sigh. So nice. I think he'll do a full night sleep before too long. I've started cathing my nursing leaks and discovered I leak about 2 ounces per nursing session! That is a LOT which is why I'm capturing it in a bottle! I will easily fill a 4 oz bottle every day!

See, again proof...that's why he's so chunky! LOL!

Seth adores being *in charge* when I have to use the restroom or go grab something. I tell him to keep on an eye on Justin for me and he goes over to wherever Justin is and talks to him and rubs his skin while I'm gone. It's so precious. I'm sure eventually he'll get tired of doing it...but right now it's a responsibility he enjoys.

Well, time to get crackin' on some things I need to get done today.

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