April 17, 2014

Fresh from the Bookshelf: Love Comes Calling (a book review)

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It's the Roaring 20's in Boston. Meet Ellis Eton. She has the best of intentions. She has her heart set on Hollywood. She's also broke. But no worries, she just agreed (accidentally though it might have been) to fill in for her look-alike friend Janie as a telephone operator for two weeks. So what if she's never been able to finish anything she started...it's just for 2 weeks. Besides, it will help her practice her acting skills and earn money for her train ticket west to become a movie star. What could possibly go wrong? I was tickled to be able to review Love Comes Calling, a fast paced and fun newly released historical inspirational fiction book by Siri Mitchell.

 Love Comes Calling features Ellis Eton...a madcap, blonde bundle of energy that cannot concentrate on ANYTHING no matter how hard she tries! Ellis believes she's a disappointment to everyone from her mother and father, to her friends to her much beloved neighbor Griffin Phillips. Even knowing that Griffin just might be in love with her, she determines that because of her failings she could never be good enough for him. So she sets out to protect him from herself...which goes awry after she accidentally overhears a menacing phone call while filling in for her friend Janie as a telegraph operator. Someone has plans to hurt him! Now she's got to figure out who wants to hurt her beloved Griff...if only she could just concentrate hard enough to remember a few things about that phone call.

What Are My Thoughts on Love Comes Calling?

I love that Ellis isn't your typical heroine. She's got serious faults and weaknesses. This is one of the first books where an author attempts to examine what it would be like to be ADHD before such a diagnosis even existed. We get to be inside Ellis' head and see her self-criticism over her absolute incapability to concentrate or finish things. It was so hard to see her parents and peers bemoan her failures knowing that Ellis considered herself stupid because she couldn't do simple things.

I liked the setting during the Roaring 20's. The author addresses everything from the corruption of the government, the prohibition and issues people had it with, the lax in morality, as well as the issues that WW1 veterans dealt with. This was all mixed among the main plot so it just worked very well.

I did feel like we needed more about Griffin. We only see him really through the eyes of Ellis but we don't really KNOW him the way we do Ellis. What makes him tick? What makes him see through Ellis' facade and to her inner self? He is a great character and portrayed as an excellent man...but I would like more.

How Would I Rate Love Comes Calling?

I thought it was well done and very enjoyable. I was left feeling like it was nearly completely resolved and nothing was left hanging. I enjoyed the historical aspects--including the background on telephone operators. The author even includes a couple additional "chapters" after the conclusion of the book to talk about Prohibition and the 20's, an Author's Note about the characters, and discussion questions. I found these very useful for more detailed information relating to the book.

If you are a fan of Historical Inspirational Fiction, or a fan of best selling author Siri Mitchell, you need to take the time to find Love Comes Calling because it's really an enjoyable read.

*Love Comes Calling (Print)
*Love Comes Calling (Kindle Edition)
*Excerpt from the Book (PDF)

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