April 18, 2014

Random 5 on Friday for April 18th

The Pebble Pond

1. We have gone from 80 degrees to snow in a matter of 2 days this week. That is just messed up. LOL! Fortunately, it was a one-day wonder and we have been steadily increasing in temperature back to the 70's for this weekend. I would be very happy to not see snow again until...oh, November or so.

2. I love seeing garden sprouts! We've been growing tomato seeds in peet pots on our window sill and I love seeing them. They are about 3" tall now. I'm hoping we will get our garden prepped on Sunday because I've got things I need to get in the ground ASAP!

3. I really like Starburst Jellybeans. This is the time of year when they show up for just $1.50 a bag. So I always grab them. Did you know Jellybeans are my favorite candy?

4. I have been enjoying having a modified spring break this week. School until lunch and then the afternoon off. It's been spending more time outside to soak up the sunshine. We will have our second week next week before we dive in to finish out our year.

5. I'm itchy for next Friday. It's the big Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati! I won free tickets last fall...but I was going to go anyways. I am making my list of companies I want to visit. And I'm tickled that I will get to meet up for a brunch with other ladies of The Schoolhouse Review Crew that morning! So nice to put faces with names and blogs! We even get a little name badge to wear at the convention. I'm going to feel all official! LOL! If you are going to be at the convention on Friday, maybe I will see you...somewhere in the 10,000+ people. You never know! LOL! I had such an amazing time last year that I'm just dying to get back! One of my good friends (and fellow homeschoolers) is going to ride with me so we will be able to gab and giggle.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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