May 8, 2016

Fresh from the Bookshelf: Playing the Part by Jen Turano {Book Review}

When I want to read a lighthearted comedy, I will always reach for a Jen Turano book. I have read (and reviewed) several books in her inspirational fiction Ladies of Distinction Series, and have been thrilled to meet the ladies in her next series A Class of Their Own. Needless to say, when I had the chance to pick Playing the Part (which is book #3 in this series) review, I was tickled and hoped that it would continue to be the same entertaining adventure!

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About the Book

Playing the Part is book #3 in the A Class of Their Own series by Jen Turano. This book follows the life of Lucetta Plum, stage actress extraordinaire, and picks up right where book #2 in the series ends. A Class of Their Own series follows the lives of three roommates and bosom friends Millie, Harriet, and Lucetta through their adventures in life and romance. At the end of book #2, we found Millie and Harriet both having made successful love matches, with Lucetta happily cheering her friends success. But now it's time for Lucetta's story! 

Lucetta is an actress with skills making her a rising star on the New York stage--she even has a playwright writing a play just for her! But suddenly when her life is threatened, she has to give up her starring role and make a run for it! Thankfully she has a friend in the widowed fun loving Abigail Hart who has taken Lucetta and her friends under her wings. Abigail whisks Lucetta away to her recluse grandson's estate until it's safe...but Abigail just might have a hidden agenda. For she never shared that her grandson Bram was single and very handsome...the very type of man Lucetta was NOT interested in. At all. Like Ever. Even if he is really interesting. And appreciates the arts. And lives in a castle. With a legit cannon.  

My Thoughts

Love love! I am so happy that Jen Turano came through yet again with this third book in the series. Millie and Harriet's stories had me busting a gut, but she definitely pulled out the stops with Lucetta. Oh my. I just howled and howled as some of the scenes played out. Abigail Hart is a hoot and I have been so happy to have her in all of these books. 

I really like the way Lucetta's story is told. How she gets where she is. What she's like in real life. What her hopes and dreams are. She was just so fun and I love that she (just like Millie and Harriet) had a few eccentric quirks to make her a nice "normal" character. I loved the tidbit about her photographic memory. I have always admired those who are "cursed" with one. What a gift! 

Bram is hoot too. The extents he goes to for his writing. I think him having a torture chamber in his castle so he can "understand" what torture might be like was one of my favorite things. And his cannon. Hilarious.

This is NOT book that can be read without needing to read earlier books in the series. If you want to read Playing the Part, you MUST start at the beginning with Millie's story in In Good Company so you can meet the characters properly, and not get lost in the storyline and references.

A solid 4 stars! It's a great fluff of a read that will leave you happy and smiling. It is an inspirational fiction novel, so you will run into mentions of faith and scripture. To me, this only makes it better! The characters are very fun and full of life and you will be cheering for them. Jen Turano's books are great for when you need to kick off your shoes, relax, and just have time to just enjoy some light reading.

Playing the Part (A Class of Their Own #3)
by Jen Turano
ISBN #  978-0764212772
Available as Kindle and Paperback

I highly recommend all of Jen Turano's make sure you check some of these out too!

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