May 27, 2017

Adventures in Hand Lettering

Are you into the latest craze of Bible Journaling? I have several friends who love the hobby and I admire their gorgeous creations. I started getting into the world of Hand Lettering towards the end of last year. I just admired the beautiful creations and quotes that so a few artsy friends were making--so I decided to start small and start playing around with it--and so I began my adventures in Hand Lettering!

Here are a few of the creations that I've worked on thus far--

Sometimes I like to play with doodles and colors in my letters and some times I don't. I never know how something will look either. It's really fun to play around with quotes and scriptures. I also use all my creations (for the most part) to be one side of a blank card. This means I am able to use it to send encouragement to those unable to attend church or those who are ill. I like sending those so much more than just a plain card!

If you like what you see, and want to see even more creations--make sure you find me on Instagram!

Do you do bible journalling or hand lettering?

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