May 12, 2017

Mom- A small word for an amazing person {five minute friday}

This week's Five Minute Friday post was themed appropriately...Mom. I am so happy that THIS YEAR, my mom LIVES out here so we can get together for Mother's Day on Sunday. I am so grateful that my boys have BOTH sets of grandparents to grow up around!


A word that means so much, even though it's so short. 

My mom was amazing growing up. I always had plenty to eat. Clothes to wear. She was always there for me. She says I was her joy. Her sunshine. I made her smile. She introduced me early on to books. I could say my ABC's by the time I was 2 or 3. I helped her around the house. We went for walks. I demanded to know the names of the flowers--she didn't know, so she had to learn. She made me clothes. Pretty dresses. She knew EVERYTHING. 
As I grew up, I didn't need her so much (just ask me). I appreciated having food and clean clothes, but didn't understand why I needed to clean my room. It wasn't bothering me?! So why should it bother her?! She helped me with my spelling. I always wanted to win the spelling bee's and she helped me by reading off words while she cooked. She dragged me to my piano lessons and forced me to practice every day. She put up with me taking 2 hours to hand wash a single load of dishes because I needed to play dress up while I did it. She didn't understand what I was saying. Never could know what it was like being ME. She just didn't know ANYTHING.

As a teenager, she was there for all my volleyball games and practices. She drove HOURS to watch me run track--just for those few seconds in each meet. But she was there. She made me my favorite banana chocolate chip muffins..and enough for me to share with the cute boys on the team. They loved my mom. She came to all my awards assemblies. She helped me find "designer clothes" at goodwill in near perfect condition. She knew more than she USED to. 

I graduated from high school and started college. Then she got cancer. I was so scared. But the doctor said "Just a mastectomy" and she'd be okay. But what if they were wrong? What would I do without her? She was becoming my friend. I'm so glad she made it through and has been cancer free since! (thank you Lord!) 

We had some hard years--when I had to hold HER up when things got messy. But we made it through to the other side. She was sad when I moved away--but promised that distance wouldn't come between us. She was so happy to know I had found the love of my life...and knew the pain of separation was worth my happiness. She was there for my first boy's birth. She flew out the day after I found out I miscarried my second baby and needed surgery. She held me when I thought I was going to fall apart. She was here when we welcomed my second son into the world. Oh how she loves those boys. She's prayed ENDLESSLY for me. And I know God heard her. Because I have everything I have ever wanted. A husband who adores me. A farm to raise our boys. Healthy children who drive me crazy. Daily adventures in being a mom. And faith in God because of the lessons she and dad taught me so long ago growing up.

Now having her near me's amazing. She was right. Distance would not separate us. We are stronger than ever. She's still my mentor. I couldn't do this thing called life without her, and God knows I pray that I won't have to for a long long time. Now I pray every day for my mom. That she knows how much she means to me. How much I appreciate everything she ever sacrificed for me. 

If I can be HALF the mom to my boys that my mom was to me...I know that God will have granted me the biggest blessing in the world. 

I love you mommy.


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