May 17, 2017

Homeschool Rescue: Breathe New Life Into Your Homeschool {Product Review}

Homeschool Rescue: A self-paced eCourse for EVERY Homeschooling Parent {Product Review}
Dear Homeschool Parent...Do you ever feel like you are drowning? Are you being choked by that overwhelmed feeling? Do you feel like you just need to give up and let it go? Are you dealing with the guilt of lack of focus or wasted time? Are you struggling to balance all your different "hats"? Are you buried in clutter? Do you feel like your day only has 20 hours? Are you struggling with homeschooling a special needs child, or have other special circumstances which makes homeschooling challenging? If you have EVER answered yes to any of these questions, I encourage you to read my review of Homeschool Rescue, a new self-paced program for YOU created by Only Passionate Curiosity!

About Homeschool Rescue

Homeschool Rescue is the pet project and exciting new resource from Only Passionate Curiosity. Designed for the homeschool parent--any homeschool parent--it is a self-paced course meant for encouragement and "triage" of any homeschooling situation. It is designed to be a 60 day e-course to help you get your homeschool and home back on track with practical applications which can be incorporated right away and offer immediate rewards.

A subscription provides you:
★Lifetime access to the 20+ videos (also available in audio and transcripts)
★Workbook assignments you can print
★Resources to help your success
★Ongoing support from other homeschooling families who "get" what you are going through in a Facebook community
★Bonus content (updated regularly)

Unlike some classes that can be purchased and are available year-round, openings into this eCourse are LIMITED TIME ONLY. In fact, enrollment for the summer 2017 course ends MAY 31,2017! This is because Heather (creator of the course) wants to make sure she is available for support as you work through this class!

There are two options for enrollment:
Homeschool Rescue eCourse $97
Provides all the things I mentioned above, PLUS a group "live course" session for June-July 2017 and bonus planners for both mom and student (10 different styles!)
Homeschool Rescue VIP Support $137
Provides everything the Rescue eCourse does AND THREE One-on-One Coaching sessions with Heather!

Remember, you have LIFETIME access and can go as fast or as slow as you desire through this course--but during June-July 2017 you will have access to pick Heather's brain and others who are taking the course at the same time.

Want to see what the course includes?
You will need a laptop or device that allows you to watch online videos, or download audios--as well as a printer for the homework assignments. I have been able to access this program on my iphone, Kindle, and laptop (using Chrome) without any issues.

What are my Thoughts on Homeschool Rescue?

To start with, let me just say that I didn't really want to review this program. I didn't need it. At least I thought I didn't. Fortunately, the team leaders decided otherwise (hahahah) and picked me for this program. It wasn't until the middle of one of the very first lessons that I went...oh...because it dealt with something I needed to REALLY deal with. So I started viewing Homeschool Rescue with new eyes. Because it wasn't about rescuing homeschool anymore, no--it was about rescuing ME and my family.

Very useful now that I have found it. ;)
Homeschool Rescue is very easy to navigate. Once you log in, you are taken to a home page which lays out the different modules covered in this course. You can watch an introduction video that shows how to navigate the site, manage your profile, and communicate with customer support. There are helpful hints in the side bar, as well as a link to join the FB community for the program. You have the opportunity to just start the modules, or print out the 60 day course plan as your guide. Because I didn't know the plan existed until I was..ahem..writing this review (LOL), I just jumped right into the introduction and module #1.

When you click "module 1" it brings you to the course page. You can see the module listings across the top, making it easy to keep track of where you are. Module 1 shows that there are four lessons included--each with its own video and "homework".

What? Homework?

Yes, the course is designed to provide you with "homework" to bring accountability to what you just heard about. There are worksheets that can be filled out, printable resource pages, and collections of links relating to the topic addressed. Each lesson has its own homework or resource pages. In the photo/screenshot below, you can see how the Module 1: Lesson 1 page is laid out. The video is at the top--with an explanation of the lesson overview. Each video is basically a powerpoint presentation with slides and narration--much like online seminars that you can take. Can't sit in front of a computer to watch the lessons? No problem! There is also the option for an audio download and even the transcript.

Under the video, you can see the "downloads and resources". This lesson has two homework assignments, plus resource pages. Once this lesson is complete, simply click "next lesson" to move on.

A screenshot of the Module 1, Lesson 1 page.
Each lesson follows this same routine--so it's easy to figure out HOW it works.

Here are some glimpses of the type of homework I have done thus far:

Ideal Week 
(what would my week look like if EVERYTHING went perfectly)

Record of my Day 
(record how I spent the hours of my day...honestly)

Goals for my boys

Weekly/Monthly Cleaning Charts

40 Week Decluttering Challenge

Curriculum Checkup

Brain Breaks Jar

Okay--so I'm sure by now you are wanting to know--WHAT was it that grabbed my attention? It hit me in Module 2--Time Management. I was watching/listening to the videos and was convicted when she spoke about the hazards of trying to multi-task while teaching homeschooling. BAM. There it was. She pointed out that my trying to multi-task WHILE we homeschool, takes away from what we put into homeschooling. When homeschooling, our focus needs to be ON HOMESCHOOLING. Not on laundry, or the dishes, or...CHECKING SOCIAL MEDIA.

duh, duh DUM! Guilty!

Notice the give up button I have to push to make it quit? LOL
I had to admit in that moment that I was so guilty of having my phone or computer open to "stay in touch" while I supposed to be TEACHING. Even when they were working independently--my attention wasn't towards what they were doing. So, when Heather suggested the benefits of an app that I could add to my phone which would help encourage me to leave my phone alone--I was absolutely into that idea! I downloaded the app she suggested (It's called Forest and is $3.99 or $4.99 for the download from the app store). Anyways, the concept is that the app has you set the amount of time you want to be focused, and while you are NOT messing with phone or device, it "grows" a tree or bush and plants it in the forest. The more time you set aside, the more plants in your forest.

I downloaded that app and have been using it regularly. Anytime I am driving, at an event (like church!), during school time, during hometime...anytime when I really should be putting my focus AWAY from my phone.

It has helped!!! Something so simple, has already made a big difference! It was amazing how quickly I could apply something from this course, and reap the reward. And that wasn't the only area--I also discovered when plotting out my ideal week--that IF I stay on task with homeschooling and the rest of my day--I actually have THREE HOURS a day "unaccounted for". Three hours to work on things I previously thought I "didn't have time for." Three hours a day adds up to FIFTEEN hours a week during a school week--wowza! Now I am even more dedicated to achieving my focused attention on school to CLAIM those three hours!

So where I am I currently in this course? Well, it is a self-paced course, which means I can work on it as I have "time". I have discovered that since I can LISTEN to the lessons via an audio download, it's easy to listen while I am washing dishes or folding clothes. But--I am currently still in Module 3...just started it. But, that means I have already worked through NINE lessons in this course--because each module has at least three lessons and homework for each lesson.

Here is where I am grateful for the FB community. It has become a confessional of sorts for those of us working through the course. We have shared our successes (like my discovering "extra time") and our hard hitting convictions (that I was a hot mess of a housekeeper!). And Heather (creator of Homeschool Rescue) has been there to chime in encouraging words or suggestions...and not just Heather! All the rest of the community has been sharing tips and suggestions--letting us all know we aren't alone! I have discovered that others are working on the same things that I am! (Imagine that! LOL). When several commented on the forum about being "behind"---the next day, Heather EMAILED all of us in the course to tell us that there was NO SUCH THING AS BEHIND when it's a self-paced course! That we are to work as we are able. Glean as we go. Not feeling pressured. What an invaluable resource to have a CHEERLEADER on your journey!

So let's get down to brass tacks...
Is there anything I don't like? Honestly....NO! I have enjoyed this course more than I ever imagined! It made me REALLY REALLY look at my day, my homeschooling, my weaknesses, and my strengths! The program is simple to follow. It is designed for those with one child, many children, even older children! And yes--even those with special needs children, or special circumstances. Whether a beginniner or "pro"--I truly believe this course is a MUST HAVE to evaluate where you have come from, where you are at, where you are going, and where you WANT to be. Absolutely worth every penny. And this from a mom, who was SURE she "didn't need rescued".

REMEMBER--enrollment for the Summer 2017 course is ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH MAY 31, 2017! So do NOT hesitate or you will miss out on this (first) opportunity to embark on an adventure to take a deep hard look at life as a homeschooling parent!

WAIT--Are you wishing you had the funds, but just don't right now? Then please check out the FREE workshop that is being offered! Click here for more details: Free Homeschooling Workshop

Want to Know More About Homeschool Rescue?

You have seen how I have been working through Homeschool Rescue from Only Passionate Curiosity over the last weeks...but maybe your homeschool doesn't look like mine. For a BROAD range of examples of how this program works and can be used, make sure you visit the rest of our crew!
Homeschool Rescue {Only Passionate Curiosity Reviews}
I encourage you to come find Only Passionate Curiosity and Homeschool Rescue on these social media outlets:  Facebook  * Twitter  * Pinterest  * Instagram  * Google+  

I am so excited to have this course to continue to work through...and I am definitely going to be sharing the importance of it to my fellow homeschooling friends. I have found it invaluable with what it has made me acknowledge about my homeschooling and homelife, and plan on continuing to implement the lessons in my life every day from here on out. 

I am hoping to share a bit more insight about it, and accept questions anyone might have about aspects of it in a LIVE VIDEO REVIEW tomorrow (Thursday 5/18)--so make sure you are a follower on my Farm Fresh Adventures Facebook Page, so you won't miss it! I will link it up on this page, once it has aired so that you can still find it--even if you discover my review later!
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