June 15, 2018

Adventures In Crochet: FibreShare Excitement

Just a quick post to share some Adventures in Crochet excitement--because not only did I get my partner's package completed and ready to ship--but I RECEIVED my own package a day later! It was a yarn lovers dream!

So let me start with what I ended up sending my partner...
She was not a picky crafter at all--instead she was almost TOO easy. Her main crochet crafts are baby blankets and washcloths. She preferred softer shades because of the baby blankets. She also had never used an ergonomic hook before. She also loves to sew aprons as her other hobby. So armed with this information, I set out to put her perfect package together.

All the goodies I included in her package!
*The yarn for the baby blankets was easy--KnitPicks Brava yarn. It's the softest and most delicious yarn for afghans I have ever used! She makes smaller blankets, so I snagged her a skein of yarn in 5 different soft colors.

*The yarn for the dishcloths came from my own stash, as I had TONS of dishcloth cotton. I simply picked three of my favorite skeins and added that to her pile. I also printed off two of my favorite crochet dishcloth patterns to include for her to try.

*I also included a skein of Indie Dyed yarn from my friend Amber at Yarn Over Matters Yarn! 100% Superwash Merino. My partner enjoys felting, so I knew this would be something she would enjoy playing with.

*Hooks were fun. I bought her two Caspian Wood hooks in the more common dishcloth and afghan sizes AND a bamboo handle Susan Bates hook. I love using the Caspian Wood hooks I bought for myself. They just slide right through the yarn. I also am super in love with the deep "mouths" of the Susan Bates hooks, so I was happy to snag her one.

Now for the extras...

*I found two fabulous fabrics which just screamed apron to me--I purchase her a yard of each. One is an old fashioned Cambells' Soup advertisement pattern. The other is a very vintage bumblee themed design.

*I included eight crochet stitch markers on a keyring.

*For non craft extras, I sent a journal with an inspirational verse on it and to finish it off---chocolate.

What did she think?
She loved it. 💙💙
I can't wait to see some of her creations she's inspired to do!

So now for me....did I get spoiled?

Why yes. Yes I did! 💚💛

So much yes here!
Let's start with the yarn.
*She included TWO skeins of a bulky superwash merino that she dyed herself! I am in the process of already turning that into a lovely scarf!

*She included TWO skeins of one of my FAVORITE Yarn Bee (Hobby Lobby) varigated designs! I love the turquoise and purple and pink in it! I have made it into hats before and I might just do that again! Although there is a little girl dress that calls for yarn like it too.

*She included TWO skeins of another Yarn Bee variety. While not my usual choice, it will be perfect for making something for babies! Maybe a small receiving blanket...

*a new ergonomic hook in a favorite size

*a shawl pattern she designed

Now for the extras...
*My very first yarn tote bag! It has a super llama on it and because it's made of canvas, it is perfect for my new collection of...

*Enamel Pins! These are a little thing yarn lovers collect, and I adore the four she sent! They are all alpaca/llama related. I quickly attached them to my new bag.

*Llama notebook

*new pen

*a box of yummy tea

*my favoritest candy ever---Salt Water Taffy!!!!

*a new release from my favorite author!

Seriously spoiledI I just kept squishing the yarn close. LOL. But if I'm truthful, my most favorite thing was the bag and pins! LOL.

Once again my Fibreshare experience was fantastic and I'm so glad I joined for another round. Round 3 for the year kicks off in August I think...so if you are a yarn lover--regardless of whether you are a knitter, crocheter, weaver, spinner, dyer, embroiderer...make sure you sign up to have fun!

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