June 25, 2018

Adventures in Crochet~ Pattern Design and Pattern Testing

Adventures in Crochet~ Pattern Designing and Testing
Hello my friends!
It's another update in my Adventures in Crochet! I have really been enjoying building my skills in this hobby and it is so satisfying to see something that I have made when it's all done. I recently started really exploring the hashtag #crochetersofinstagram to discover even more about the world of crochet. Along the way, I have found some amazing crocheters and pattern designers out there! In fact, it inspired me to try designing myself! Over the last couple weeks, I have been working on a washcloth/granny square pattern and it's almost done! I also was picked to be a pattern tester for a popular designer on Instagram, something very exciting for me as it will test my skills!

Pattern Designing 1.0

Genesis Washcloth Pattern Prototype #2
So as I was working through a washcloth pattern one day, I started thinking about how it wouldn't be too hard to design my own washcloth. It's small--10"-12", but would let me test out my stitch ideas. So I decided to start to play around with some ideas. I drew on my knowledge of various stitches and basic foundations for a washcloth. It was fun to just go with it. My prototype was a good beginning and from there it was easy to adapt and make changes for my next one. I am not 100% sure I am satisfied with it though, so I won't be asking for testers just quite yet...but if you are a crocheter, make sure you watch for my tester call! One thing about this washcloth--it's larger than the standard 8-10". I don't like those small sizes, mostly because most cotton shrinks when washed. I want a washcloth that covers my face when I want to use it and doesn't end up the size of a hotpad! Because of this, my design will also be applicable to be a granny square idea!

Pattern Testing 2.0

Love the blues and greens together!
As I mentioned in the introduction, there is a whole world of crochet to explore over on Instagram with the hashtag #crochetersofinstagram and I've been LOVING IT! Would you believe that since I started sharing my crochet stuff and following other crocheters, I have jumped nearly 100 followers on Instagram?! I can hardly believe it myself. It is definitely THE social media hot spot for all crafters for sure! But through the site, I have found some amazing designers and learned about some gorgeous yarn. I also have had a chance to apply to be a pattern designer! Some of you may recall the shawl pattern that I tested not too long ago (you can read about that pattern testing here) I learned a lot of new stitches and was ready to give it a go again. So I jumped on the chance to test a simple sleeveless popover--remember my desire to start stitching up garments??! Here was my chance! So I am now in the middle of crocheting up the XL size of the sleeveless popover and I am having a blast! It goes hand in hand with my exploration of cotton yarn (my ongoing experiment) as this pattern calls for #4 worsted cotton yarn! I dug into my stash and am using some heavier cotton yarn as a sort of experiment. But you know what? I already love this pattern so much I have ordered more cotton yarn--this time in various colors and combos! I even have a new cotton/bamboo blend coming for me to try! Anways, I am enjoying my time as a pattern tester so much--and I'm making new crochet friends doing it.

I encourage you to explore the world of #crochetersofinstagram if you crochet and have an Instagram account! There are so many links to free patterns and yarn sales! It's a wonderful benefit of having an account! I look forward to sharing with you my progress on these two pattern projects in upcoming posts!

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