July 17, 2019

Simply Music: Online Piano Lessons for All Ages {Product Review}

I have been playing the piano for 35 years. I taught piano for about 10 years. But in that time I haven't had "time" to teach my own children. I have one son who isn't interested at all, so I haven't pushed it. My youngest son, however, is more drawn to learning music. When we had the chance to review Simply Music and their Music & Creativity - Foundation Course, I decided it was the perfect time to get him started.

About the Program

Simply Music was created to offer students of all ages the ability to learn music and to love music without the traditional approach of music reading first. Designed to immediately immerse the

July 7, 2019

Upcoming Reviews for July and August 2019

Well, it is official that we are in the HEAT of summer here on the farm! Wowza are we having a "real" Kentucky summer this year. But when you have fields and fields of hay, that's an excellent thing. LOL. Summer is my husband's favorite season because he can get the most down on the farm. I don't really mind it myself since I have the blessed invention of an Air Conditioner to help me manage! LOL. Because it is summer, we are technically on a summer school break. But if you have been readers for awhile, you know that we review homeschooling product all year long--which means there are still a few school items in house for us to dabble in over the summer. Today I'm going to catch you up with what we've got in house for July and August. It really is a mix of things, including some we most likely will continue into the new school year.

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1. Music and Creativity-Foundation Course, Simply Music
This is a program I was very curious about as soon as I heard about it. It's a completely online piano lesson program! As a former

July 4, 2019

Happy 4th of July!!

From our farm to yours--
Happy 4th of July!
We'll be spending it at a state park for the afternoon, and then come home for dinner, movie, chasing fireflies, playing tag, and lighting sparklers. 
It's a wonderful day to be an American and able to celebrate our freedom!