2017 Curriculum & Product Reviews

I love reading curriculum and product reviews, don't you?! I find them incredibly helpful when considering an item...especially when it's a mom or family doing the reviewing! I have consolidated the links to all my reviews here and hope that you enjoy checking them out!


Coming Soon
Apologia: Marine Biology
Greek 'n'Stuff: Alone With God~Acts
English on a Roll~ Hands-on Grammar
Heirloom Audio Productions: In the Reign of Terror
Everyday Homemaking: Everyday Cooking book

The Crafty Classroom: USA Activity Bundle
ACTIVA: Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Kit
Doctor Aviation: An Online Aviation Course
Mapelle Films Presents "Trust Fund"
Home School In the Woods: Make-A-State Activity-Pak

Lightning Lit 2: A Second Grade Language Arts Course
Riding Through History with Rush Revere
Whistlefritz: A Spanish Immersion Program
K5 Learning: Online Assessments and Lessons for Math and English
Memoria Press: Exploring Nature's Beautiful Order Science Curriculum

YWAM: Unit Study on Orville Wright
The Typing Coach: Online Typing Course
The Pencil Grip: ThinStix!
Homeschool Rescue: A Resource for the Moms
ArtAchieve: Revisiting Cultural Art Lessons

Planet 316: Daily Jigsaw Puzzle App

Eclectic Foundation: Elementary Language Arts Curriculum
Creating a Masterpiece: An Online Art Program

Times Alive: Making Learning the Times Tables More Fun
Home School In the Woods: Ancient Egypt


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