October 31, 2011

Homeschooling away from Home

Here is a look at a few pictures from our Feast of Tabernacles trip including moments of *beach* school!

Written Work:

We walked on the beach and asked him to give us groupings every time we reached some shells--(big-bigger-biggest; small-smaller-smallest; ect...)

So many places for this at the beach but here are a few that we focused on...
 The dolphins we saw just off our shore--we discussed why they come in so close and counted them every day.
This little fella. He fell out of the conch shell that my dad (aka. papa) picked up. We discussed why he had a "curly bottom" and how it helps him fit in the spiral center of the shell. Then we counted his legs.

The most amazing lesson we had was learning about the Skate Egg Case aka. The Mermaid's Purse. We saw thousands of these along the shore and at first we though they were a plant. So I researched it online and what we learned about something seemingly so simple just boggled our minds--making us glorify the Almighty and Powerful Creator and original Engineer. I will try to find my picture of it for you...but you can read all about it for yourself HERE. If Little Britches had been a bit older, it would have been the perfect research project!

We toured the Adam Thoroughgood Estate...
Very interesting and great for showing Little Britches about dailylife during the colonies!

We were able to go inside this house and it was furnished appropriately with historic furniture and other various items. And we also learned about the brick laying and I was able to incorporate our studies on patterns!

Fine Arts:
Masterpieces from the Creator Himself

And Little Britches participated with the Festival Children's Choir...so handsome in his suit!
And let's not forget about Baby Britches--we kept him nearby at the Auditorium with the best-est invention ever...
And we took a lovely photo on the Last Great Day before we headed home...
We had such a wonderful and inspirational Feast of Tabernacles this year...and it was great to get to incorporate the things we experienced with Little Britches schooling!

October 28, 2011

Just a visitor...

So ever since Saturday, I have been living in a sick house! Thank the Lord I'm just a visitor--as all the others are sick except for me! Mommy doesn't have time to be sick when her boys are sick! Little Britches is on the road to recovery--now only a lingering cough. Baby Britches however is quite ill with severe congestion which makes him have breathing trouble. Poor fella is quite pathetic. And to top it all off, the King of this castle came home sick on Wednesday too! Talk about overload! I've been living on Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea as well as drinking Raw Apple Cider vinegar tea and using my Neti Pot! I'm determined to kick any germs in the butt!

I am so looking forward to attending church tomorrow just to get out of the house and see people!!!

We missed a whole week of school due to the sickies so I'm looking forward to starting back up on Monday--I need my normal routine again!

October 24, 2011

Back to the Daily Grind...sorta

Hello to all my friends in blogworld! We had a super fabulous and inspiring Feast of Tabernacles this year. So exciting to be able to celebrate it with about 475 other brethren! Our messages were incredible and I have a long list of things I want to dig into in the Bible as well as things to work on in my life!

We are finally back to a "normal" week--except Littlbe Britches has pink eye in BOTH eyes. He's a very sad little fella with super swollen eyes right now. I'm pulling out all my remedies from eye washes to raw potato compresses hoping to get this under control ASAP! Not to mention keep it from spreading to Baby Britches or myself! I'm super sensitive to it so I'm ultra paranoid right now! We are washing hands like crazy!

If I can't get it under control by tomorrow, I'll get him to the pediatrician for some medicated eyedrops. Little Britches is one of those kind of people who cannot STAND to have anything put into his eyes. He goes crazy if water of any kind gets in it...so to intentionally drip something in just sets him off! Not cool.

So I would love prayers on our behalf so we can get this thing out of here soon and before anyone else gets it!

Hopefully later this week I can update with pictures of things from our feast trip and the schooling we did while we were attending.

October 11, 2011

Vacation School

We are having a lovely time here and we only just arrived yesterday! Today we did work in some school before "playing". It was fun to use shells from the beach as math manipulatives and for review of our "big-bigger-biggest", "small-smaller-smallest", ect concepts.

I only brought workbooks, handwriting paper and a McGuffey reader with us, but it is working out just lovely! He enjoys "reading" his papers to his grandparents who are staying here with us at our rented beachhouse--and they naturally applaud his new skills with gusto! We will use the beach itself tomorrow to practice handwriting--gotta love writing with sticks in the sand!

Because of the reason we are here (worshiping the Feast of Tabernacles) I also have him learning Revelation 21:4 for the week. One of my ABSOLUTE favorite scriptures and very appropriate for what this holy week pictures.

I can't wait to upload some pictures, but I will probably do that sometime this weekend when we have time...tomorrow is the opening night of our week and I start getting really busy since I'm one of 2 pianists for this week as I accompany the festival choir and the hymns for our daily worship service. But I love playing the piano so it's all good!

October 6, 2011

Mother Goose Math

I love it when I find something out of the blue that ends up being amazing--don't you? Well I have one to share. When Scholastic Teacher Express had their Dollar Days I went crazy and snagged SOOOOOOOOO many things. I've been going thru all the things I snagged and checking them out one by one in detail now. I *bought* quite a few math resources since that is always an area that tends to be less *fun* and I really wanted to make sure that Little Britches ENJOYS it. 

One of the resources I snagged was Mother Goose Math--an Ebook that uses Mother Goose nursery rhymes and turns them into math story problems and games. It's regularly $11.95, but I got it FREE during Dollar Deals week! How cool is that? I was "flipping" thru it yesterday and saw a game that went with "Little Bo Peep" so I printed it off, colored it (I LOVE TO COLOR!) and then laminated all the parts.
Today is a relaxed game/art/PE day since we just finished a unit, so I decided to try out the game today.

It's very basic. Each player has 3 "sheep" and *hides* them on the game board in a gridbox. Then you take turns calling out coordinates (A3, D4, B1, ect) and if the player *hid* a sheep there they go "baaaaaaa!" If not, they just say "try again!" and then it's the next players turn. Because this was laminated, I gave Little Britches a Dry Erase marker to put dots on the boxes after he asked them so he wouldn't double/triple/quadruple (LOL!) his guessing. MUCH easier! We played twice and each won once! I love that he's learning coordinate geometry--but he thinks it's just a fun game! He picked up on reading the grid on the very first time I explained it which was wonderful!

We are leaving Monday to head to Virginia Beach, VA to observe The Feast of Tabernacles with about 500 other brethren. I'm figuring out what school stuff to take and Little Britches wants me to take this game with us to play with my mom--so I'll definitely tuck it in!

October 4, 2011


Just popping in to share that I am tickled to death with a frugal find! I decided at the last minute to drop into my local Dollar Tree to see if they had anything new in the "education" section. So glad I did! I was able to get Little Britches FOUR Dot Markers! They are packaged as BINGO markers...but they are the same thing. I snagged him a blue, black, red and green! Just $1.00 each it was quite within the budget! Now I am going to start downloading all the fabulous dot marker activities I've been seeing!

So if you want dot markers...maybe check out YOUR Dollar Tree??