March 30, 2021

My Top 8 Reads From 2020 {Fresh from the Bookshelf}

Some of you may remember my post from early last year of  My 10 Most Eagerly Anticipated Christian Fiction Releases for 2020. I'm sure some of you are wondering how that went and if I actually read any of them, right?! Well, today I'm sharing My Top 8 Reads from 2020 and I think you will be surprised to know that only three of the books from my first list, made it onto this list! So which ones made the cut? Which of the initial books are still on the "too read" list? And what made the eight books worth recommending?

March 29, 2021

Long Time No Post: A Review of 2020 For Our Family

Hello? Anyone listening? Anyone there? Wow. I can't believe it's been a whole year--well more actually--since I last posted! What a crazy psycho year 2020 ended up being, right?! But here we are in March-almost APRIL-of 2021 and it seems we are finally coming out up and starting to kick things back in gear. Right?! 

What was your 2020 like? 
How did Covid affect your family? 
Was it one of the rough ones? The loss of a job? The illness of friends and family? 
Was it severe? Did you lose anyone dear? 
Did everything drive you closer to family? To God? 
Did you make changes and new habits to do going forward?