September 10, 2010

5 weeks old

Well, it's hard to believe but Chunky Monkey (aka. Justin) is already over a month old! Where has the time gone? He is growing like a weed...a fat weed. The child is just getting more and more roly-poly by the day! He's got two chins accounted for...and it working on #3! LOL! He is sleeping a lot more regular and is bright-eyed a lot longer during the day sometimes going 1 1/2 to 2 hours between naps! But man, does this child love to sleep!

We had to bust out a pacifier as there are times when he gets TOO sleepy and then can't go to sleep without crying and crying. We found a pacifier helps in those situations...and then he drops it out once he's asleep which is great! No serious dependency! And he's awfully cute sucking the tar out of that thing! LOL!

He is grinning and laughing all the time now and has started cooing to talk to us. There just isn't anything more can you resist a cooing smiling baby? You just can't! Which we learned during offertory service yesterday...yeah, we sort of missed the message because he was cooing at us! Whoops! :)

Only 11 more days until we leave for Pennsylvania and the chance to see my family again. My dad and brother have yet to meet Justin in person and are dying to get their hands on his Royal Chubs. I'm pretty sure that once we get there, I will only have to hold him for feeding sessions! LOL!

Here is one of my latest pictures of the butterball boy:

Cutie patootie!!